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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Japanese Comparison

One of the blogs I follow is a very well researched blog called "Dr. Housing Bubble Blog" which is based in California.

Very often, I have explained to our readers that we are turning Japanese.... Meaning that we are following- almost precisely- in the footsteps of Japan's 1989 crash followed by two lost decades worth of stagflation. The similarities are remarkable. I have never seen anyone use charts as effectively as Dr. Housing Bubble does in this article which compares the United States melt down to the one that happened in Japan.


Anonymous said...

The Doctor Housing Bubble article is very interesting. Thanks for sharing it, Brian.

shakealeg said...

I like this guy. Have you ever seen this one Brian?
Keep up the good work! Billy O

Brian said...

I went to the site, loved it, and added it to my blog roll. Thanks Billy!