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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's Hard- Being An Eternal Optimist

My gawd. Fifteen months worth of political campaigning and ridiculous bullshit is upon us. In the latter category, just the other day I saw that Michelle Bachmann was promising 2 dollar gas.

She may have meant per quart.

Look, some of you claim to be pragmatic. Most of you don't have a clue what that means. Here, let me save you the trouble. Pragmatic is one of those bullshit terms that people like my ex Moonbat City Clerk always liked to use. It makes them sound well...pragmatic. The problem with using words like that is that nobody really knows what the hell they mean. Including guys like me who just finished reading the definition two minutes ago.

Now the other day I am reading my good friend Jim's blog  and they are talking about that statist Mitt Romney and a few folks are claiming that they are pragmatic which I guess- loosely translated- means that they think Romney is the only guy who can win the big BS contest. To be unpragmatic (yes, it's a word) means you are a dip shit and think Ron Paul has a chance. I am not pragmatic or unpragmatic. I simply don't care. I vote Libertarian even if Libertarian is currently out of vogue. Or unpragmatic. In fact I have no idea who I will be voting for. Not Romney.

Now here's where the "pragmatic guys" just might not be very pragmatic. And this is where my optimism takes me.

I never underestimate the ability of a dipshit like Obama to commit Presidential harakiri aka haricari. Remember Carter and that desert fiasco? I think Obama could actually turn that 38% approval rating of his into a 28% approval rating by game time. At those levels, Pee Wee Herman becomes a viable opponent. Why on God's green earth would I want to send in another statist when I could win with Rand Paul? Obama is not a formidable opponent. In fact we may have cut his political career short by electing him to the Presidency where they have term limits. Had we ignored him he might have become the Ted Kennedy of Illinois sans the late night swimming. As it stands, when he gets bounced out on his ear next year, he will just do what he enjoys doing the most. Talking about himself. Berkeley, Harvard, Pebble Beach, the usual places.  

Ok, so I'll bet all you pragmatic guys are thinking, "why are you so cocky, Frankenstein Government?" Aren't you underestimating the great incumbent Obama? What about Obama, Seal Team Six, the movie and Blu Ray? Nah....

What is the worst thing that could possibly happen? Obama could get re-elected and be saddled with one or perhaps two- chambers full of hostiles. How much damage could he do? Ok, executive orders and appointments. He is a master of recess appointments. I'll give ya that. And by the way, why would anyone vote for this imbecile knowing that he will be a lame duck with those two chambers shit-canning his statist agenda for the next four years? It may take 4 years just to get rid of all of the czars he appointed and that damned Obamacare.

I think my favorite line all week was this one. Ok, you proved you weren't a racist by voting for Obama- now what are you going to do to prove that you are not an idiot by voting for him again?

This being an optimist has been hard. Some of you guys even shake my faith sometimes. You must never fail to see the good in any situation. My friend Billy is a professional. He hates abortion. But he makes this observation. Without abortion Brian, there would be 50 million additional moonbats voting for Obama next year. Think about that. Good point Billy. Your glass is always half full- brother.


texlahoma said...

I just hope I get a chance to vote for Ron Paul, the only candidate that can stop the War Machine called the U.S.

davecydell said...

I've got my eye on Hillary, and a few bucks on her at Intrade for fun.
I think over the next 60 days she leaves state and begins to test the waters, sniffing the fact that Nobama may be deemed so weak vs any Republican come late 2011 that she could take the Dem nomination.

And Billy is so right on.

Brian said...

Very interesting. That embrace your enemies BS of Obama's landed her a job she was quite incapable of performing. I also note that the Clintons and Obamas' were well acquainted by banker friends long before the 08 election.

I have truly grown to detest all of these liars and crooks. But I think you might be onto something Dave. Everyone else has dumped Obama- why not Billary?