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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Apple's Jobs Stepping Down; No Shortage of Psychopaths On The Big Mesh

I've known for quite some time that Steve Jobs has been gravely ill. I knew it because we have mutual friends who have mutual friends. Weird how small our world really is.

Last night I had the misfortune of reading a couple of online articles about Steve Jobs. There they were in the comments, all those sick, twisted, angry folks saying things like they were happy to see Jobs dying. Reminding me of just how sad humanity really is. I was going to cut and paste a few of those comments but nobody needs to read that shit. I don't want to give it life support. On one site, I got so angry that I let the sociopaths have it.

When I was a young teenager, we had this crazy football coach in Butte named Coach Patrick. The man was nuts. You could yell all kinds of things at opposing players and teams but if you ever said something like "kill them" he would literally kick you in the ass and then chew you out. He simply did not allow any homicidal talk- even figuratively. I don't know why. I do know that he was the hardest working, "winning-est" coach in that part of Montana. Coach Patrick is part of the fabric of my life. For whatever reason, no matter how angry or vengeful I have ever been, I do not wish any one in their grave. Ever. Nor do I wish that kind of collateral damage on people I do not know. The only lesson I keep from Coach Patrick has been a good one.

In my time, I probably delivered 100 death notifications and I was probably present during a couple hundred more deaths and scenes in some capacity. I've watched mothers beat on cops, wail, and scream. I've seen family members plunge themselves into depressions so bad that it killed them. I am glad that I am no longer part of that world. I might have lived without ever enduring that experience- but if I hadn't I couldn't write about it here and pass it on.

Steve Jobs is one of my heroes. In fact, he is the embodiment of the American dream. He is what is right about this country and nobody but a spiritually sick person could take delight from the imminent death of someone they don't even know and have never met. Wow. We got a long way to go. From the archives if you have the time- from January of this year:

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Steve Jobs said...

I felt sad to hear the news. May his soul rest in peace.