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Friday, December 11, 2009

The Last Sign, Prepare for the Rapture

When 98 year old grannys kill 100 year old grannys, trust me, the end is near.

They said John Wesley Hardin shot a man for snoring once. Our 100 year old victim was apparently getting too many visitors. You should always know who you are bunking with.

Geezus, I gotta run. Throw my roommate's shit out on the front lawn, change locks.


CompleatPatriot said...

I think that is Rupture, a bullet ruptures the man, woman, and rapture occurs, who knows. I giggle about the rapture kids, they think Jesus is going to save them from the pain he endured for them. He will at some point after the event, at least a hope so, ain't it amazing how all those "Christians" fear death, that always blew my mind, why fear going to a better place, weird But hey man ya know this place is cool, to, I just love all it's dirty little secrets, Just cracks me up what folks don't know, kinda like this>

Bob Chapman: Kissinger & the Bushes Are Famous Pedophiles

Enjoy the ride to fifty dude, the next twelve months should be FUCKEN AWeSOME...

JimB said...

Maybe it was just one of those situations when somebody needed to die-could have been a fight over the prunes.

Brian said...

Sleep with one eye open Jim...lock up the prunes.