Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Have a Promising Future Behind Me

I'm a little miffed.

For 24 years, I actually spent a considerable amount of time breaking up fights, arresting drunks, keeping the peace. I may have even prevented a death or two. Not only did I prevent carnage, but I suffered some carnage in the process.

Yet in all those years, not one solitary person ever nominated me-nor did I even get an honorable mention for a Nobel Peace Prize.

What gives? Shit-I even have witnesses.

So some dude, who has yet to do anything other than be a professional student or teacher, gets a Nobel Peace Prize?

A dude that is authorizing two wars and 30,000 more troops? Here's my favorite part. Obama said we have to "uphold standards when waging wars that are justified and necessary."

Have you ever met anyone waging a war that didn't think it was justified? Hitler, Bin Laden? That is how you get a peace prize?

Here's the logic. When we finally manage to kill everyone, we will have peace.

A snippet...

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Obama defends war as he picks up Nobel Peace Prize


President Obama receives his Nobel Peace Prize medal - Copyright Nobel Media AB 2009/NRK

While my promising future may lie smoldering behind me somewhere, I'll know this shit is really rigged when they start offering up awards to Obama's kids.

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CompleatPatriot said...

Rome creates a desert and calls it peace.. LMAO..

There must be some place on this planet a guy can move to for a little self respect, middle of the Amazon maybe huh..

This Nation has turned into a Roman piece of shit.