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Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Looking Bike, Hipster Tuneup, and the American Slave State- The Sunday Collage

It all started with an email from my sister and then a phone call from Late Night Dave. Late Night Dave works in a law enforcement capacity and by all accounts is a pretty nice guy. He lives in Seattle. I've only met him once.

Dave had found a beautiful 1994 Harley Davidson Heritage in the Nampa- Caldwell area about 20 miles west of Boise. He had been negotiating with the owner who had originally asked 8,000 for the bike which Dave had negotiated down to 7,000. With only 9800 miles, Late Night asked me if I would go check it out. 

I met the owner at his residence. His name is Dennis. Dennis showed me the bike. I am in awe anytime I see a motorcycle that is 22 years old and absolutely pristine. Not even a discolored pipe. The only flaw I could find was a 1/4" rock strike on the gas tank which peeled a little paint- even the tires still had the nubs on them. Dennis had just put on the second set of tires.

I often refer to bikes as "riding" bikes and "looking" bikes. This bike was a "looking" bike, nearly a museum piece. A trailer queen. I've never owned one. My bikes get ridden hard, sometimes in rain, and sometimes they swap paint or find the pavement. I've agreed to all of those terms. But the point of this story doesn't have anything to do with that pristine bike. It has to do with Late Night Dave-who at age 62 and without a motorcycle endorsement- asked me if he should be buying motorcycles.  

Have I ever heard anyone, regardless of age ever say, "gawd I wished I hadn't bought that bike." I don't think I've ever heard that- certainly not in the company of men. If someone actually regretted buying a motorcycle, that is something you keep to yourself or perhaps utter in a confessional booth. Mostly, I know people who regret not buying a bike or who regret selling a bike. That is the stuff I remember. And so it was- Dave at the advanced age of 62- bought a motorcycle. A very pristine one. I think he'll love it.

Shifting gears so to speak...

This morning my gal and I went out to eat. I've been doing my annual meat diet hoping to lose 40 pounds. We often go to this small restaurant that is quite popular and on weekends there is always a line. As it turns out, there was only one couple ahead of us. This is a seat yourself joint.

So as we stood in line, these two hipsters showed up and one of them muscles past me into the restaurant. I'm thinking he already has a seat and he just ran out to the parking lot for something. His buddy stood behind me in the line. As it turns out, the first hipster located a couple of vacant counter seats, turned around and motioned for his friend to come on in.

I suppose 25 years of dealing with assholes doesn't just wash off overnight. I wish that I could tell you that my Zen Buddhist philosophy kicked in and those of us in line hummed a few bars of "'Que Sera...Sera....whatever will be will be"....but that's not quite how it worked out. 

As soon as the first hipster motioned his friend in, I looked at them and I said "Sure you guys go were first in line." The hipster behind me said, "you don't have to be a dick." That lit me up just a bit. I responded, "Well as a matter of fact it appears that I do and by the way, go fuck yourself." Now when you have a moment like this, and you decide to pull the trigger like that, you must accept the consequences. And for a brief instant, I was prepared to take an even more enthusiastic stand if you know what I mean. Sometimes that's how these things have to go. I am not particularly proud of how I handled this- but I'm not offering up any apologies either.

The truth is, at age 55 in my most lucid moments, I'm not sure I wanna dance anymore. I may get my ass kicked some day. Unfortunately, I just can't run away from my sense of right and wrong- it's like a part of me. I can't tolerate bullies either, I confront them. My gal was embarrassed and she's a girly girl- not much help in a scrap, so here's the deal.

People make mistakes. When I screw up, I apologize because that's what responsible people do. This sense of doing the right thing and offering an apology when you are out of line has apparently gone missing from whatever upbringing those two hipsters had. As is stands, I feel confident that those two won't be cutting in front of anyone having received that rather blunt, refresher course in manners.

For a couple of days, I've wanted to write a piece about the anger in this country as it applies to this "leadership" we have. We were conned. We had bank bail outs with tax payer money and then we had health insurance bailouts wherein our masters simply directed us to send in 6 thousand a year or more rather than simply steal it out of the treasury like they did for the bankers.

Do any of us actually think we are free?

American corporations, bankers, billionaires, the oligarchy. Winning. The rest of us....the middle class...

Are economic slaves. Our masters spend and we pay. Although I can't stand Warren Buffett, I actually like his father. His father understood well, the correlation between gold and freedom. I don't think I can explain it any better than this. Here then is a piece which will cause even the most skeptical people to pause. I think you'll like it.


Anonymous said...

I fucking hate line jumpers. In the old days, I went from 0-60 in one second, no trash talking build up-being on the smaller side I figured to get in a few really good ones-got my butt kicked a lot, especially in high school-it's good for you I believe-now? not so much.

I bought a Norton Interstate 850 when I was 19-wow did that bike go. Took it up the CA coast and cross country several times. Had it up to 130+ crossing Utah and when I'd slow down to 55, felt like I could get off and check the oil. I had so many near death experiences that I sold it when I was 21. One of the few rational things I did in my 20s but man that bike was beautiful, Lucus electrical and all.

No way I'd want one now.

Now for the stupid part of this post. In 2001, I bought 400 1 oz Kugs for $110,000(about $270 ea.). I watched it climb in price and after a few years it seems like I remember it stalled around $500+ So I sold it, doubled my money in 4(?) years or so and felt good about that. Let me tell you how many times I've kicked my ass since.

Compleat Patriot said...

Hopefully Dave gets some rider training tips from experienced riders. Try and ignore the fourth graders around yourself, they're mentally children in grownup bodies and being dumbed down is technically the fault of the state dumb em down system, obviously their daddy and mommy were dummies as well. Gold is cool but I like food. Have you ever tried to chew a piece of gold? You know that debt clock? The one that is spinning so fast you can't see half of the numbers? Of course you do. You've seen it. Every time we trade in commercial negotiable debt instruments that clock clicks over. Ain't slave money funny. I wonder if the owners of that paper shit line of credit are ever going to cut us all off..

Anonymous said...

Hear you loud n clear on the assholes who have reached epidemic proportions.

I can barely get out of my neighborhood, without running into some.

Examples: Assholes are immediately either on the phone, or texting, the second they're on the road. Some are also smoking, and feel wherever they are, the ashtray is out the window. Check any busy city or community traffic lights, and look down at the curb if you have one, right, or left; it literally looks like an ashtray.

A NEW AGE asshole, is now vaping. These leave plumes of smoke, but at least they don't throw these out the window.

This leads to what I call ROLLERBALL commuting as one goes to work, the store, whatever.

This leads to a dangerous drive, as these a-holes are distracted drivers, and requires one to be on high-alert. But if they cut you off, pull out in front of you, or whatever, and you call them out on it, it's somehow not their fault.

I hope 5-IRON doesn't move to my n-hood when he ends his reign of destruction. I know he's a big smoker, or at least vaping by now.


Brian said...

A few months ago, this gal driving a U Haul suddenly swings into my lane on the interstate apparently because she could not measure the slow merging speed of a truck exiting a weigh station. Her move was so fast and so un necessary that it caught me completely off guard. I had to light the tires up at 80+. After she had pulled back into the slow lane, I pulled along side her to look at her. She flipped me off.

That is some unconscious shit. That is America today.