Sunday, July 6, 2014

Our Owners


Anonymous said...

Abraham Lincoln was a tyrant who extinguished states rights and centralized all power federally (the War Between the States was primarily one of competing economic interests, slavery being an afterthought). 1913 saw the creation of the Fed, the death of sound money and the beginning of the end of America. Now, 100 years later, the ponzi has just about run its course and something lying somewhere between current day Mexico and the Hunger Games awaits us.

Compleat Patriot said...

And YOUR owner bankers - politicos bend their knee to the likes of Matteiano, Flaminio, Vaticano, Dogali, Solare, Lateranense, Minerveo, Macuteo, Sallustiano, Quirinale, Agonallis, Pinciano, Esquiline, Ancient bloodlines of Saturnia. The Saturnalian Brotherhood. House of Borja, House of Breakspear, House of Somaglia, House of Orsini, House of Conti, House of Chigi, House of Colonna, House of Farnese, House of Medici, House of Gaetani, House of Pamphili, House of Este, House of Aldobrandini {Satan}, House of Pallavincini. The golden rule. I am not owned by them I am no human resource which is their merchandise. I am owned by another not of this world.

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

They've crapped so much in their own nest that the golden goose is going to stop laying the eggs they covet so much.

Compleat Patriot said...

I've always wondered how the Roman Fasces on either side of the Kings colors, that British Flag were always so easily overlooked by a society believing in freedom not fascism. Was it benevolent fascism which is not so benevolent these days that confused freedom appreciating citizens? I oft wondered about fee simple tenant on the land legal status versus allodial title which represents real freedom on the land status as well. I always wondered once I figured the corporate pecking order out how long we'd all be pretending we are freemen. As long as we keep paying our fair share until death we are free. From a Biblical standpoint that is lawlessness, that philosophy of coercive taxation the opposite of charitable taxation is anti Biblical. Now they're coercing us to buy something we don't need. I bet it keeps getting better.

“Now the principle at the bottom of all these propositions is this: The States have no power, by the exercise of which, they can defeat all the ends of Government-the General Government, or any of those ends. But the States, by the exercise of the taxing power, can take from their inhabitants every cent the inhabitants can spare, and live. According to the principle of this decision, therefore, the States have no power to lay any tax on their inhabitants; and if they have no power to tax, it follows that they have no power to enable them to keep up their State Governments; and without State Governments, they have no power to keep themselves alive, as States. The principle comes to this: that the States, in making the Constitution, intended to give up the power of selfpreservation (sovereignty).” [Padelford Case 1854 pg. 35]

"The ultimate ownership of all property{public and private} is in the state; individual so-called "ownership" is only by virtue of Government, i.e., law, amounting to mere user; {Designated Multiple use - fee simple tenant-NO Allodium Title} and use must be in accordance with and subordinate to the necessities of the State." ---Senate Document#43;Senate RESOLUTION NO. 62 {Pg 9, Para 2} April 17, 1933.

With the advent of the War Powers the Congress and the President now control all states and actually throws out all previous court arguments because “Public Policy” (Government AKA Congress’s Policy) over rules all law except what they drafted after the Reconstruction Acts. The enemy, that is the common man, has no rights, State or otherwise under emergency power control. And, even if we were to revert back to peace time and be under no emergency rule, the Constitution would still not protect you nor the Bill of Rights against State control. Now that blows the 2nd Amendment right out of the water because it only applies to the People of the United States and NOT to the people of the States. Go and Pull the entire John Barron case to see where they addressed every item in the Bill of Rights and how they do not pertain to the people in the states, with the exception of one.
BARRON v. BALTIMORE 7 Peters 243; 8 L. Ed. 672 (1833)

Anonymous said...

I have never felt truly free, and it's gotten worse every year. FRANKENSTEIN GOV'T-always has its hooks deep into you. IMO-the closest one can get, is having enough cash to insulate you and your family from FRANKIE.

Compleat Patriot said...

This is interesting;
EXPOSED Federal Reserve Doc: Go from paper homeowner instruments to electronic. Foreclosure fraud? What fraud?