Monday, October 1, 2012

Coloring the Base of the Cliff

I had a little back and forth with a right wing blogger this week. He writes some really nasty and angry stuff and at the bottom of this- I am gonna paste something he wrote over the weekend. I understand his zeal and his determination to rid this country of President Obama. I too, think Obama is a complete fraud. Our blogger is absolutely polarized- convinced his way is the only way. That is precisely what they want him to think. That is what we are up against.

For many, critical thinking skills are a difficult thing to develop. They simply don't understand how to develop those skills and they don't even really understand why developing critical thinking skills might be useful. They cannot step outside of their own existing belief systems to take a look.

Let me put it to you this way. I have a problem. Time after time, I have tried to resolve it by doing the same thing. I either vote for candidate A or I choose candidate B. Things never seem to improve.

Thomas Edison was a genius. When asked how he could continue trying to invent the light bulb having tried 1000 things that failed- Edison replied, "I tried 1000 things that did not work." What Edison did not do- was continue to try the same thing over and over again.

Government extends its reach everywhere, it expands the welfare state, it has hijacked our healthcare, it ignores the constitution, and it maintains the most outrageous tax code ever devised- the only beneficiaries of which are the elite which includes most of Congress.  The tax code doesn't change because THEY WANT IT THAT WAY.

The only way to solve a baffling problem is to step back and apply critical thinking skills. Like Edison. We know what doesn't work. Voting for candidate A or B means business as usual. You have just voted for more government. That is the same thing you've been doing for 50 years. The only way to try and save your country is to try a completely different tactic. Refusing to vote won't work, because others will.

The problem with the vast majority of voters is...they think Obama is the problem. He's not. He is the symptom of a much bigger disease.  

It's like being driven over a cliff and hoping it won't kill you. To survive you must try something different. You turn and charge your herder/killers. Maybe you don't survive but at least you take one or two of them with you. Maybe your actions save future herd members. Maybe even, you catch the bastards off guard and your actions set you free. Any shot is better than the shot the herders give you.

What we know doesn't work- is going over the cliff. We have seen the results of that. I said that in 2000, 2004, 2008. I will say it again. Romney is not the solution. He is more of the same. The elite have given you your two selections. They don't care who you vote for just so long as you vote for one of THEIR two candidates. The two party monopoly, which is really just a one party monopoly, is the greatest fraud ever foisted upon us. But I gotta say- it keeps working. Largely because of millions of people like this who simply can't find the solution. They color the base of the cliff. Instead of solving the problem...they treat the symptoms...and thus the disease continues. Behold a carrier.

So you are telling me you want Obama for another term? Go for it amigo be my guest, apparently you are bright enough to see what he has done to the country compared with for the country.  Let me be more subtle, to not vote for Romney doesn't make a person a moron, it makes them a clueless ideologically  "Fucking moron" Are we clear, wast your time with somebody that walks in your bubble.       


Anonymous said...

Messing with such people is one of my favorite passtimes. I'll go to the comments section after a political article and type "Ron Paul supporters to GOP: Miss us yet?" and the fun begins. The call me "traitor" and "Obama lover" and such, and when I have them wound up good and tight, I'll type "If I thought it was going to be a close race, I'd vote Obama just for spite." That usually rips it. Who says one cannot have fun during a disaster?

Brian said...

That is a beautiful thing. Thank you for stopping by...

Anonymous said...

But, why do you put all of the fault on the two party system and the politicians and none on the electorate, Brian? The parties are run by a small group of elited because the majority of the electorate allows it to happen. They don't get envolved in the local and state and federal level of the partoes and so have no input on who the candidares will be. We really do get the governments we deserve. I don't see that the Libertarian party will be any different. You may be happy with their choice of candidate. But, how many people were actually envolved in choosing that candidate. Was there a better option? The Libertarian Party is small and has a very active base. So, the percentage of party members envolved in selecting your candidate was much higher than it was for the Democrats or Republicans. I predict that as the Libertarian party grows, the same thing will happen. It will be controlled by a small group of elites.

I'm just saying...