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Monday, May 28, 2012

President Obama: No More "Unnecessary Wars"

We are only going to kill you if we have to.

Thankfully, we may all rest well knowing that our next war will be necessary unlike those other ones.

I have clipped a couple paragraphs from the news story and it's Obama quotes. My interpretation of what Obama is really trying to tell us is in parenthesis.()

"As commander in chief, I can tell you that sending our troops into harm's way is the most wrenching decision that I have to make," Obama said shortly after laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. (Except when deciding whether to lay up or go for the green in two on the dog leg, par 5, sixth hole. Bunkers on the left and a stream running in front of the green make this a difficult birdie opportunity.)

"I can promise you I will never do so unless it is absolutely necessary and that when we do, we must give our troops a clear mission and the full support of a grateful nation."

(This is all bullshit. Just vote for me. I killed Bin Laden. His body is in the rose garden.)

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Always On Watch said...

What, exactly, is Obama's definition of "necessary"?