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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Real and Destructive Intent of Barack Obama

In my two and a half decades as a police officer, I had one tool that rarely if ever, failed me as long as I looked for it. That tool was a common element of the law. We call it intent.

Intent is an element of many- if not most- criminal offenses. Sometimes it is very difficult to prove intent. Proving intent can be especially difficult when your target is well versed in criminal law. This is that loophole in the law that many criminal defense attorneys, and civil attorneys for that matter, point their clients through.

I often tried to identify and resolve the intent of individuals when solving crimes, measuring what people said to me, or even in settling disputes. What was this person's intent?

I am sure that more than a few of you have heard about cops and their "gut instincts." Let me give you an example of what a gut instinct can be. A gut instinct occurs when a veteran cop or just an astute cop makes an observation about someone or something that deviates from what your common sense tells you it should look like. I can honestly tell you that from the moment I witnessed President Clinton proclaim on national television that he "did not have sex with that woman" I knew he was lying. Knew it. Why? Because innocent people do not behave that way. Innocent people do not fear the truth because they know the truth will help them, not hurt them. That and Clinton never used her real name because he was trying to de-personalize her and distance himself. Convince us that he didn't even know Monica Lewinsky's name.

That is a gut instinct. And Clinton was prepared to lie his ass off and attack and vilify Lewinsky if he had to. But then there was that matter of semen and a blue dress. Tangible proof. And the great Rhodes scholar couldn't find the escape hatch. But he certainly showed us what kind of man he was.

If Clinton was an apprentice liar, then Obama is a professional. I can probably name 100 times that I have suspected Obama of lying. Probably ten of those lies (call them omissions) have to do with the documentation of his past... passports, transcripts, who paid for his schooling, where are his old girlfriends, etc.

As a side note, and this is the first time you will have read this...anywhere...think about why Obama put that abstract certification of live birth up and represented that as his "birth record" for nearly three years. The one with little or no information on it. Then suddenly, on the heels of Donald Trump's inquiries- a long form birth certificate materializes with all of the information we had been clamoring for. The question then becomes, "Why didn't you disclose that long form birth certificate the first time around?"

That is a gut instinct. That's how cops think. That's what I would be asking Obama while watching him squirm.

So when formulating intent- let's start with Columbia University. Columbia is the university that employed Professors Cloward and Piven. Cloward-Piven is a strategy that was designed by this married couple for imploding the United States by overloading the welfare system and causing a financial crisis. Is Obama aware of the strategy? Of course, he went to school at Columbia.

Obama was also a student of Saul Alinsky, friend of Jeremiah Wright, and associate of criminal William Ayers who probably wrote both of those fictional accounts of Obama's life. Alinsky was a community organizer just like Obama. He wrote Rules for Radicals. They call Alinsky the father of community organizers. He was from Chicago. Are you seeing a trend yet?

There is a reason they call Obama the food stamp President. Here is what Wayne Root says about Obama and Cloward Piven. Via Snopes.

So if all of Obama's lies and omissions don't bother you, if all of his associations with radicals and criminals don't bother you, (don't forget Tony Rezko) then let's turn to what he has done as President.

Has he stopped the flow of food stamps or unemployment? No. Has he created jobs? No. Has he prosecuted any crooked bankers? No. Has he siphoned taxpayer money and given it to bankrupt companies like Solyndra? Yes. Has he used tax payer money to rescue his union voting bases at GM? Sure. Has he stopped spending? No.

The harsh reality about Obama and his modus operandi is that he keeps his mouth shut. He omits the truth. That is abundantly clear as we cast a backward glance at his Indonesian roots, his Muslim upbringing, and his alias name of Barry Soetoro. Not once did he mention any of that. Or his drunk driving father or his atheist mother. Instead he offered up those two fictional biographies most likely written by a criminal, William Ayers.

Two biographies. One story, two books. Even that makes me pause.

He consorts with criminals like Ayers and Rezko. He has radical friends like Jeremiah Wright which he threw under the bus when he had to. He most certainly worships Alinsky and he is clearly a student of Cloward and Piven.

His actions as President are all consistent with enlarging the welfare state and stealing from taxpayers. In addition to becoming the food stamp President, he is now trying to buy votes from underwater homeowners by enlarging another welfare pool that taxpayers will have to pay. He is overloading the system.

Is this all a giant coincidence or an agenda?

Folks, if it has feathers, webbed feet, an orange bill, if it quacks, and it has a water tight asshole- it most certainly is a duck. I haven't seen this many coincidences in a lifetime. By now Obama's strategies and his intent are not only clear- they are consistent. Either that or you can call it a gut feeling of mine.


Anonymous said...

The "abstract" that you refer to is the official birth certificate of Hawaii. THOUSANDS of people use it every year to get their US passports.

Obama has published both the official birth certificate, the short-form, and more recently he has published the long-form as well, and THREE Republican (and several Democrat) officials in Hawaii have confirmed the facts on it. And the birth certificate is further confirmed by the birth notices in the Hawaii newspapers in 1961---which in those days were only sent to the papers by the DOH of Hawaii (the papers did not take birth notices from relatives.)

This, by the way, is in contrast to the Republican candidates for president, none of whom has shown his birth certificate.

Obama used the name of his step-father when he was in Indonesia. Big deal, I used an Asian name when I lived in Asia too. But Obama never officially changed his name, and he was never an Indonesian citizen, as a simple telephone call to the Indonesian Embassy in Washington will confirm.

Fredd said...

No Republican candidate's birth records are in question. No question whatsoever. Obama's? Questions. Why indeed did he produce that sketchy abstract at first? Why NOT the original birth cert ('long form')? I produce mine constantly, at every request. I had to produce one to get into the army, I had to produce one to get a security clearance, I had to produce one to get married, I had to produce one to adopt a child; but Obama produces an 'abstract' to become PRESIDENT? Also note that no previous American president has ever had an 'alias.' None except Barry. Barry Soetoro.

I'm going with Inno's gut, not Anonymous's one lousy, feeble rebuttal that still smells of dubiousness. Or would that be dubosity? Either way, I'm still going with Inno's gut.

Brian said...

First of all, That is not the "official birth certificate. It is a certificate of live birth issued so that people can get passports. It is an abstract. It is not the official document.

Secondly, I note that anonymous can only defend the birth certificate which has been rigorously fought and defended on the internet and in the courts. Anonymous makes no defense of the millions Obama spends on lawsuits, he makes no defense of missing passports and school transcripts, he makes no defense of all of the vast holes when trying to piece together President MysteryMan down to and including his associations with Muslims, criminals, and the like.

So, wtf? I'll give ya the birth certificate and pretend its valid. Oh btw, the two published accounts (newspaper) are what we call news of record. In other words nobody actually verifies the actual birth of a child, it is simply news of record that was phoned in by some orderly from the hospital as he sorted through a list of newborns and phoned it into the paper back in the day. So the newspaper is not really very reliable although the Moonbats think it is some holy grail prima facia evidence that corroborates Obama's birth. It's not. Remember, he was conceived by a 17 year old girl having sex with whoever. It's not like she was some stalwart bible thumping truth telling lass. This gal was probably the opposite of that and willing to shade the truth to get a passport. Some folks don't even believe Obama was the father. There is a possibility he wasn't.

Brian said...

Oh and btw...two other items of note.

Obama's very first executive order in Jan of 09, was to seal his birth records and to hide them from public view once he is gone. Secondly, he was a Indonesian citizen. We could prove that if we could find that missing 1981 passport he used to travel there. It is missing precisely because it proves he was no citizen.