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Friday, March 23, 2012

"I Got Corzined!"

When I was a kid we had a term for buggery. It started with the word "corn" and ended with the verb past tense, "holed."

One of the greatest defenses ever mounted by a defense attorney involved the use of a sodomy dog. The lawyer was defending a search of a client's residence wherein cops were searching for stolen property yet brought in a drug dog and subsequently busted his client for drug possession. The defense attorney took exception to the manner in which police conducted the search. What happened  next was called the sodomy dog defense. The defense attorney argued that eventually law enforcement would start training dogs to detect sodomy which is still a felony here. They would simply walk up and down city streets until the dog detected and indicated sodomy coming from your house. Police would then enter your house under the emergency pretense of preventing the crime of sodomy, and finding none of course, would seize your dope instead and haul you off to jail.

So when I think of Corzine- my thoughts shift to sodomy. Odd, eh?

I have a theory. It goes like this. Go try and steal 1000 bucks from your neighborhood bank. Don't make any plans for about ten years or...

Become a campaign bundler for President Obama. Throw lavish parties in your NY apartment. Then go and steal 1.6 billion dollars from your clients. And watch as the nanny state government looks the other way.


Look we all know life ain't fair. But isn't it the role of government to create the facade of fairness and pretend to enforce the rule of law? Isn't that why we pay taxes? Can somebody please act like they give a shit now- there is always time to pardon Corzine after the election. Ask Bill Clinton.

Banzai7 hilarity link

Somehow, you just know the dogs would have gone crazy on Oct. 31 at the offices of MF Global. Lotta Corzine going on.

ZH Linkage.

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