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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Transfer of Wealth Continues

Came across this article today. Who's buying homes? Well the rich and wealthy are.

When I was down in Bullhead City, Az. earlier this year- I noted a rich guy buying up homes everywhere and paying cash. The fifteen homes he bought will net him him a cool 10k a month. I noted then as now, that the transfer of this nation's wealth continues. From the Fed to their Wall St. cronies. From working stiffs with 500 credit scores to lawyers' with big inheritances.

Kind of hard to buy a house with no job or having a "new age" job making twelve bucks an hr.

I would rather live in a tent than make some rich bastards' monthly nut. That's just me.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! What are you bitchen about? As I recall you were down in Bullhead City to bottom feed your self. You can't blame the rich for taking advantage of the government created housing mess. Hell, if I were only half rich, I'd being doing the same thing.

BTW, what happened to that offer you said you made at over asking? Don't tell me that didn't get the sellers attention.

Brian said...

Three offers over, no takers. Realtors all playing fast and loose with their buddies..

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that, mate. That sucks. What now? Belize?

Brian said...

Yes. I am still waiting for passport. Belize sounding very good to me..