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Monday, March 7, 2011

Chicago Fed President Evans Carrying the Water

Watching Evans right now on CNBC with Steve Liesman. Liesman has some four dollar tie on and his shirt is so small- and his neck is so big- that the collar has all but disappeared.

They must have some secret school where all of these central bankers go. They teach them how to bullshit us with finesse. Come off like rational people that know what they are doing. I essentially gleaned very little from the interview. I did note however that President Evans said that his 23 year old daughter calls him every day and tells him what gas prices are. This was very interesting since ZeroHedge commenters have been talking about this lately. You get the feeling that Evans might be reading ZeroHedge. I did.

Good boy Evans. The Bernank will be proud of you this morning. Especially that part about QE2's 600 billion being the right figure. Good boys' get ahead in the Fed's scheme of things- but I guess you already knew that.

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