Sunday, February 20, 2011

This Is Blythe Masters- Wouldn't You Just Love To Be Shacked Up With Her?

Hehe. This is the woman who invented those toxic credit default swaps and some of the other financial tools of destruction that have plunged us into the economic abyss which we are going to revisit again in the coming months. You remember that mess don't you? That thing we are currently pretending does not exist? After that disaster, JP Morgan transferred her to the commodities trading desk where she is now shorting silver that she does not have and may have to deliver soon.

You kinda get this disturbed feeling, inside, when you read something like this: "I do believe CDSs [credit default swaps] have been miscast, much as poor workmen tend to blame their tools." Other than a broom, I get a feeling this gal hasn't had too much experience with actual tools. Or "workmen." Or "work." Or "men."

Maybe I got her wrong. Maybe she is a sweetheart. Nahhhh....

If you ever needed a reason to dislike someone, or you are recently homeless, or you just hate bankers in general, go out and buy some physical silver this week. Or an option or two. On the long side. Here's a little nudge:

If she offers a bite of some forbidden fruit at a cocktail party sometime, my gut feeling says, "pass."


Scottj88 said...
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Scottj88 said...

Instead, I think she actually looks pathetic. I feel like she looks defeated in this picture. Do her eyes not tell a story of their own? Looks to me like a face that has been under a lot of stress....

I almost feel bad for her...
Scott J

solaris hill notes said...

Greetings from the Hill.

The Derivative Bitches...Bistro Whores..
JPM and Goldman..Antigone Loudiadis..
Mark Brickell and Wendy Gramme.

WILD by ICE...Women in listed derivatives.


Has the CDS trigger been pulled?