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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Surviving Laughlin

So this morning I heard the elevators crank up early in my Laughlin hotel room. Having spent a good portion of my life in casino hotel rooms, I thought this was unusual.

I stumbled into the bathroom and tried to turn the sink on. I immediately noticed that no water came out of the faucet. This is problematic for most folk but for a Montana boy this was just a slight inconvenience.

A quick scan out of the hotel window showed me a flash flood in the parking lot. A broken water main. They are doing construction on Laughlin's main drag. These bozos are some real head bangers. Yesterday, I was mired in traffic for nearly an hour because this crew doesn't know how to direct traffic and they don't even try. They just stick out cones and one of those big arrow light boards. Two guys sitting in a pickup all day. I noticed a giant pizza box on the dash. The promising future of America.

Each hotel room in America comes with a water reservoir. It is called a toilet tank. Now Jack, the golden retriever/really just a grabber- drinks out of the lower reservoir. This is the main reason I religiously flush the toilet. Now Jack has survived a fair amount of years drinking from the toilet. And thus they say- there is a first time for everything....

So today, I had the bright idea of using the toilet tank reservoir. I heated some of that water in the coffee pot maker and used the ice bucket as a makeshift sink. I was able to brush my teeth, shave, wash my face and comb my hair with my ice bucket sink. I even managed to swallow the days medications with some of the finest coffee ever made from a toilet tank.

I am thinking of going to the front desk and asking them if I can get an upgrade. A room with running water would be nice. Just deadpan it. I do shit like that to amuse myself.

I see those "work crew" guys sitting in the truck outside. They are drinking coffee which I am going to guess was not purchased from this hotel. Maybe, I will bring them a cup of my own special brew.

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