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Monday, January 3, 2011

Horses, Gold, Delusional Republicans, Part Time Presidents

On the road again. Snowy Las Vegas and Laughlin. Bastards charging me ten bucks a day for internet at my hotel. I hit a nice PK 3 at the Fairgrounds today for about 640. We call them "signers." You have to report tickets with odds of 300-1 or greater or 600 bucks to the IRS. Third one in three weeks. Running quite nicely. Maybe, I'll start breaking even finally. I figure the horse races have me stuck for about a quarter million. My ex would double that amount.

So my good fortune means it's time to parlay the winnings.

I've got about 5k just burning a hole in my pocket and I have been waiting for our two lustrous metals to take a breather. It hasn't happened. Now I hear some billionaire wants to get into the silver market in a big way. FOFOA blog be damned. (He says silver sucks, gold is the only metal that matters) I should have backed the truck up sooner. I am going to just sit chilly at this point.

I was listening to talk radio while blasting through the desert and looking out for Nevada troopers. Never drive faster than you can see. I hear the Republicans are going to try and repeal Obamacare. Ok, maybe I can picture it in the House. But, the Senate? Obama is going to sign the repeal of his hallmark project? Can you imagine the embarrassment? Check out Reid's photo. Sexy man.

I am trying to envision all of those jackasses who voted for this POS bill- suddenly having a moment of clarity, admitting that they screwed up and wasted a few months time, and then repealing this thing. I can't wait to see that big finish. President Obama doesn't concern himself with small shit like health care bills that effect every citizen of this country. He's probably busy planning his next big trip just as he is...finishing up his 15th vacation in Hawaii. At the end of the story, one of his kids says that they are not ready to leave yet. Don't worry darlin', your daddy will bring you all back to Hawaii. Maybe a couple of times. Maybe the Caribbean next. Right now, he has to go to work for a couple days. 

Absolute hell. Eleven days on the beach. Is this guy a poster child for "government work?" Is there really such a thing as "government work?" Never have I seen anyone do so much with so little. Obama should be grateful we don't pay him by the hour.

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