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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Money, Money, Money

I'm so fucking sick of advertising. It's an absolute bombardment. An intrusion into every conceivable space. I think of advertisers much like I think of cockroaches. Infiltrating my life through every conceivable crack. 

Monetize this, monetize that. Subscribe to this channel. We've detected you are using an adblocker, please disable your adblocker to continue. Spam blockers. Spam filters. The pricks even have my cellphone number and call that two or three times a day.

Tip jars, GoFundMe, GiveSendGo, Patreon, Google Adsense. Ads on my homepage, ads following my queries. Even ZeroHedge got into the act.

Pleas from blog producers. Please support this blog. Ads on social media.  

Some places make you subscribe to comment. Marketwatch does that. Naked capitalism. Like I can't live without their proprietary genius, therefore I must pay them to comment. 

Even the casino kiosk asks me to donate my change to charity. 

Television advertising. I pay 70 bucks a month to watch YouTube TV. You'd think my 70 bucks would entitle me to watch something ad free. Oh no. They take your 70 bucks and then force feed you ad after ad after ad. I swear to gawd they must invent diseases to give us the cure. Never ending ads about medications that you should tell your doctor about. In fact, I've often thought covid 19 might be a marketing tool. A disease that was invented and leaked to scare people into taking some over priced, untested, and experimental drug that doesn't work. 

Does Pfizer issue refunds?

Last week, I was binge watching "Murder in the Heartland." They embed advertising. You can't fast forward through. Instead, you are forced to watch the same 8 ads, over and over and over. All you can do is hit the mute button. 

Soon, I will see this on my TV. We have sensed that you have deployed your mute button, please unmute your TV to continue watching.

Ads on benches, ads on shuttles, ads on hockey team uniforms, ads on billboards, ads on stadiums. Ads on soccer players. Bicycle racers and auto racers. Stadiums named after corporations.

Next month, I'm gonna say fuck it. I am going to kill my TV. I am going to cancel YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Not only am I going to save 100 bucks a month, but I am going to exterminate these TV cockroaches.

Many years ago when I started this blog, I decided that under no uncertain terms would I ever allow an ad on here. It's all about scale anyway. You don't make shit unless you become some highly relevant piece of writing that people can't live without. Then you have pricing power.

Well, the good news is, I ain't that good. 

Frankenstein Government. Still lousy, still free, and worth every penny.

Banksy, the original advertising hater. I loved him right from the beginning.


MMinWA said...

Still lousy? I beg to differ, your blog is pretty earthly Dude, with some good grounded writing. IOW there's a real person on the other side..anyway I apparently don't see the amount of advertising you do. I don't have those streaming services, just don't have the time. I do have Prime but use it primarily for the shipping. I admit I did watch an old movie the other night preparing dinner but that's rare as I never have the time to just sit.

I use Brave as a browser most of the time and it has a built in ad block. I set my Mac up on my treadmill and peruse the news most mornings, than out to my studio & off to the races.

Seems the older I get, the faster the days whirl by Brian. One thing is for sure especially with the loss of 1 close friend and another who will never see another spring, is I am so fucking glad I didn't took that vax. Both were very healthy and took the shot as a prophylactic. Both developed a rare cancer that was very aggressive taking one from tooling around, not a care in the world to the slab in about 3 weeks. The other got the shots last May, was diagnosed with some exotic form of pancreatic cancer in August and got his last chemo in Dec. He basically was told to go home & die. Which he painfully is.

Time is all we've got, writing gambling stories or tales from the old police days seems like time well spent. I sure as hell enjoy them.

It's actually been pleasant here, seeing blue skies is so much better then the usual overcast & rainy crap. I swear that everyone here is a vampire, when the sun is out, the streets are empty.

Gotta get.

I see some other new posts, I check them out later Bro.

Brian said...

Thanks for coming by MM.

There was a doctor, Indian, Pakastani, I am not sure where he was from. But he had researched spike proteins and put out a video that said the mRNA vaccine would exploit any vulnerable disease process in a person's body.

Thus he said they would die of what appeared to be other disease processes. That the vaxx would simply exploit and expand preexisting conditions.

I did not bookmark that video. For the life of me I cannot find it. Sorry to hear about your friends. Vaxx fuckers.

Thanks for the kind words. My sis was in Port T just last week antiquing.


Priscilla King said...

I think a lot of it is greed. I've unsubscribed from blogs because, after a half dozen or so posts or e-mails or whatever that were interesting, they've deteriorated into constant fundraising appeals.

At one time I wanted to have ads on my blog, but no more. Google Ads are too obnoxious. I saw what free Google Ads, provided at Blog Job when that site paid bloggers directly, did for my page view count. My own mother wouldn't read my posts around Google Ads.

Hard to tell how "different" this is in some cases...I really do subsist pretty much on what I earn as a writer. Didn't plan to; when I registered the brand "Priscilla King" I had steady work with a house renovator, liked it, and thought blogging would be a way to stay in touch with far-flung relatives without writing dozens of letters every day. The renovator was forced into retirement and I didn't find another steady job for year after year. So now sometimes I write about being poor, and when I do, I mean it. I don't consider it a pleasant topic. I mention lack of money only after a couple of days without food. I guess I think fundraising is one step above prostitution, which is one step above suicide, which is one step above welfare-cheating.

Of course some bloggers have disabilities and/or children, so for them it isn't cheating...

Is that common? Certainly a lot of full-time writers have disabilities that prevent their taking better paid jobs, or live in places where better paid jobs are hard to find. Some bloggers consistently write worthwhile content and minimize the fundraising to either occasional appeals or a small unobtrusive money-collecting link. Those people, I might send money, if I were to become rich. Most blog fundraising puts me off, even though I realize it may be important to some writers' identity to earn enough from writing alone to send their children to good schools for eighteen years.

Chad Sigafus said...

Hey Brian,

Just wanted to say I enjoy your blog and am in the same camp as far as advertising/promotion.
We all need to make a living, and I for one applaud folks who attempt to make some money with their writing skills.

Though it seems there is a huge gulf between mentioning 'if you enjoy my content please hit the tip jar' and endless assaults asking for moneys, it seems that there are many folks who will do whatever it takes to get out of working for someone else for a living.

I too have a blog (imagine that) but my focus is trying to help musicians who record music to learn that they really can do it their selves. No ads, no BS.

Anyway, keep it up. I look for your new content every day.


Brian said...

Thanks Priscilla and Chad for your comments.

It is always a welcome sight to see intelligent commenters on the blog. I appreciate the time it takes to comment and I appreciate what you have to say.

Good stuff. Thank you.