Let's Rig the 2024 Election!

 The election fraud of 2020 is never going to go away. More and more substantiated proof accumulates each day and over 1000 sworn affidavits of fraud and questionable conduct have been ignored by officials and the courts. These are from people like you and I.

I don't think I have ever seen anything like this since JFK was killed and they spent years trying to convince us that some lone, single, communist assassin loser killed the president.

Kennedy was shot from the front and side. That can be seen on the Zapruder film. I don't need some bullshit Warren Commission to tell me what anyone with warm blood and half a brain can see for themselves. Despite Zapruder's film our government, Johnson's government, still managed to convince a gullible America that some half assed communist was responsible. They went to HUGE lengths to convince us of that.

The cover up that followed was the single greatest fraud ever foisted on a naive American public. It would take nearly 60 years for yet another great fraud of the same magnitude to emerge in America. The 2020 election of Joe Biden certainly meets that criteria. Again, we have film and evidence.

For any crime to occur, there must be motive and opportunity. This is law enforcement 101. Let's examine briefly then, motive and opportunity.

President Trump was well hated on many fronts. The Chinese hated him for his tariffs and sanctions. Many of the middle east countries hated Trump for his pro Israel protections. Trump also wanted to restore order on our southern border- another slave labor pool- spilling across unprotected space. Trump was hated by the liberal media, it's members and by extension- the white oligarchy who own and run media. You simply can't ridicule and demean your President without repercussion unless of course you know well in advance- that your boss feels the same way. The new age robber barons, the Zuckerbergs (Zuckerberg "donated" 300 million to secure democrat votes in Georgia) and the Dorseys of the world (who see fit to ban people from Twitter with some arbitrary excuse) There are a lot of companies doing business with China which also hate Trump. We also have the cowards of the GOP, the election and propaganda ministers of the DNC, and the Free Shit Army promised handouts by Joe.

So clearly we have plenty of motive. We can see who benefits. Now what about opportunity?

We have an election. Untold millions want Trump removed. Under the cover of a covid 19 scare- officials set about the task of "protecting" the voting public by mail in ballots, absentee ballots, ballot  harvesting, anonymous drop boxes, and votes counted after the deadline. Web connected and hacked counting machines. Strange mathematical anomalies favoring Biden- all in the wee hours of the morning.

It begs the question. Did China release this virus on purpose to destroy Trump and rig his removal from office? It seems plausible. The timing is unquestionably coincidental. I see a wisp of smoke.

The larger question, the 64,000 dollar question, is why didn't anyone conduct an actual forensic examination of voting irregularities? That's how we determine truth in America. The short answer is- the owners of this country didn't want an investigation. They wanted Trump out and stealing this election was something they rationalized and justified. Cheating is acceptable if they get the desired result. China wins, the media wins, the corporate ownership seeking slave labor wins, the free shit army wins. The winners get richer, you get poorer.  

But America loses. So if these are the new rules, let's just get rid of actual results altogether and determine the winner by which ever side can cheat most effectively. Let's quit pretending. 

We will find some conservative hackers and use those Chinese owned voting machines that flip votes, we will banish DNC poll watchers from polling places, we will hire people to fill out ballots and transport them in the dead of night, we will promise all voters 5000 dollars a piece if they vote for our candidate, maybe 20 bucks an hour minimum wage, and maybe we will ask China to cook up another virus in that Wuhan lab and let er fly in late 2023. Instead of old conservative voters, the new virus will attack young mouthy voters. We will make sure that we ridicule and harass anyone that opposes us. We can have a big nationwide power outage for a couple weeks after the election and render the media more useless than they already are. By the time the lights come back on, we'll have a new President. Voila!!

Quid pro quo. What's not to like?


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