Monday, September 17, 2018

The Second American Revolution

The America I once knew was mixed with equal parts of capitalism, greed, and some modicum of fair play. Laws were meant to be obeyed not rendered useless with creative arguments from lawyers.

In the intervening 50 years of my life- the political class crawled into bed with the rich and elite. A depraved oligarchy emerged. They are driven by power and greed and they can never be satiated. They are international bankers, Wall Street types mostly, and old men like Warren Buffet who use their power and influence to get what they want and find ways to get even more. They offer up little pledges to try to make us believe they are benevolent and charitable. It's just a facade. A little damage control to confuse the onlookers while they go about the business of exploiting and fleecing others. That's what they do.

In 2008, amidst my personal renaissance, I started this blog. There was a massive stock market sell off led by banks that year and near the end of that debt driven carnage- the politicians and the bankers did an act wholly illegal and unprecedented. The politicians simply stole a trillion or so from the American taxpayers and gave it to the banking cabal so that they could keep the whole sector from going broke and bankrupt- which is precisely how mal- investment ends. If you make a huge business mistake- you are supposed to go broke. That's how capitalism works. Open a business with a bad business plan, poor location, or offer a service people can do without- and the business fails. That's capitalism.

So the politicians literally stole one trillion dollars on behalf of the bankers- the Federal Reserve loaned out trillions by issuing electronic zeroes all over the world and the whole party started over again in March of 2009. The banking system should have died then. Rather, it was at that moment when Frankenstein Government was created. President Obama could have come in and prosecuted the whole cabal but unfortunately he had compromised himself by taking hundreds of millions of dollars from bankers for his campaign- so enforcing the rule of law was not going to happen. He had been bribed in advance. 

I don't think people realize yet what a watershed moment that was. 

Very often in our lives, things happen and at that moment, we don't understand the importance of what just transpired. Months or years later as we reflect, it suddenly becomes clear. One day, that moment in 2008 and the drip, drip drip, incremental seizure of every last piece of wealth in this country is going to result in a national moment of clarity and a second revolution.

I guarantee it. Taxicab Depressions wrote an excellent blog about the "Pig Trap." You condition animals to behave a certain way, slowly gain their trust, then trap and slaughter them.

That's what they've been doing to blue and white collar America since the 60's. Conditioning us. We fought the Revolutionary War over a 3% tax. It is relatively common now to pay 50% of our incomes for gas tax, property tax, sales tax, state and federal taxes. Taxes never go down. People don't bat an eye- in fact they will actually make excuses for why that level of taxation is necessary. The United States demands and has passed laws like FATCA- laws that demand that anywhere in the world you decide to flee to- you must still pay taxes and foreign banks must disclose your assets.  

The banking cabal, i.e. the Federal Reserve, can issue as many electronic zeroes as they need. The people who use counterfeit money first always get full value and the Fed distributes those funds to it's member banks. Once the bankers spend the money- it enters the pool of existing money and increases the supply and cheapens the whole pool. That is called inflation. The greatest stealth tax we will ever pay.

You have no appeal process with regard to any of this. Fair or not, you will not be able to win a case in front of a government court. Federal courts exist simply to expand the power of government. They never expand the power of people.

The rich and elite have gamed the system. They have the best lawmakers, presidents, and tax system money can buy. And if any of you think for one moment that elite billionaire President elect Donald Trump is any different- you are an idiot. He is just another rich elitist who has been preying on working stiffs his whole life. He is already assembling his cast of fellow elitists- and trust me- they aren't going to institute a fair tax or bring labor unions back. 

The dilemma- the Yin and Yang of capitalism- is that I am convinced that capitalism is the best economic system ever conceived. It might have survived had the rule of law been strictly enforced rather than corrupted. Greed in a capitalistic system is the Yang. For all the economic good that might have been- greed and corruption are going to have the last laugh. That's why 2008 was such a watershed moment. That was the moment when government realized it could do whatever it wanted to do- and the citizens of this country were powerless to stop it. They would cower in fear. Until the second revolutionary war.

You see, the people with all of the power and assets don't want to relinquish what they have. They want every last asset that they can put their grubby, little hands on but they want to socialize all of the losses. That way they can steal the fruits of cheap labor while forcing taxpayers to pay their medical insurance through programs like Obamacare- another tax. Like Walmart. Rich people love Obamacare. They don't have to pay for it- they have the best care imaginable for themselves- and they have managed to spread the burden of Obamcare on the middle class just as they have done with the tax code. They reap the profits. They own the insurance companies, big pharma and devices, and they own all of the stock that all of those public companies issue. They own the banks. They own the slave labor pools they are importing from China. They own this place. 

The bottom line is this. The more they take- the less is available to you. It is that simple and that is how the rich and elite in this country have gutted the middle class. With uncontrollable greed. It is a sickness. Watch Shark Tank to get a good feel for it. They should call it Warren Buffet disease.

There will never be a day of clarity in which all of the greedy people in this country wake up and say, "Wow we have really gutted this place." Greedy people are never content. That's who they are. 

The American Revolution was brought about by the efforts of 3% of the population and with the support of 25%. The other 70% or so, were all still loyal to the King and fearful of the British and treason. All the settlers ever wanted back then was freedom. The King could have agreed but people with power do not often relinquish it. He sacrificed tens of thousands of lives and probably would have sacrificed more but King George lost all of his political support and could not continue because he had other wars brewing. In the Revolutionary War, each side lost about 24,000 men. 

So when will the Second American revolution begin? 

The government and their elite owners have been very successful at incrementally stealing us blind while turning us against each other. So I don't think any flash point occurs if the oligarchy incrementally continues to raise taxes and steals our wealth that way. The bankers will be more than happy to continue to glean billions while we fight amongst ourselves over ridiculous issues. I honestly think the minions in this country will continue to give away their work product. They are too afraid to take a stand. Think of the 75% King loyalists in 1773. Look at California.

The top of the elite pyramid has always been the money changers. The Federal Reserve and their continual manipulation of the money supply, the buying of influence, their infiltration into every aspect of our lives. They have complete control over us. Killing the Federal Reserve might not cure all of our problems but it would be a great place to start.

This will all end badly. The rich and elite won't compromise. They have the government machine at their beck and call. They are not going to negotiate. 

Kennedy once said, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable."

They'd probably lock Kennedy up for trying to say that today.


Compleat Patriot said...

Amazing isn't it.. I put the plumbing shop on hold in 08. I've seen no logical reason for taking it off hold. No overhead no profit allowed in Billionaire Valley.. They own the building contractors and only busted broke starving subs get any work at 50% less than what it used to be worth in the 90s and from 2000 to 08.. I was raised to believe in saving and building and staying out of debt. Still owe nothing. I was talking to a friend the other day still at it in that valley, a shop trucks a rental, a house and some storage unit rentals and $800,000 in debt. Everyone is in debt. Even Trump, to the tune of 1.8 billion. And being in debt is normal in the minds of these people of this society.. They're all owned by the banks. Thats just fken crazy..

I don't like to rent my body at wholesale to some bastard who is going to sell my body at retail.. Basically because he cannot perform the work that I can thus he is stealing my expertise.. Simply because he has made a contract with others for that work.. Basically I get about $2,000.00 and he gets $10,000.00 or even $20,000.00 0r higher depending on the contract and the work involved. They can go do it their self, they want it all for themselves so I say get your ass out there and do it yourself.. In most cases I've learned that the majority of these guys cannot do it.

So I go cut some wood, make some stuff and work on my detecting game.. A little fishing.. Some elk hunting.. I watch everyone I know still running as fast as they can trying to build something from massive debt... Somehow debt is going to take care of their children and they're going to have fantastic retirements.. I guess dead in a hole is retirement..

Shoban Illiterati said...

I remember as much as 20 years ago an article about taxation wherein your spending consists of closer to 80% in taxes, rather than just 50%, because of the tax everyone in the production and distribution pipeline had to pay to bring your product/service to a Walmart near you. Suddenly the off-the-grid people make a tin foil hat look pretty smart.

I also remember watching a speculative documentary about Kennedy's assassination being linked to his desire to abolish the Fed Reserve. I haven't bothered to study that but as I remember it was an avowed goal of his; whether the Jekyll Island crowd manipulated L.H.Oswald successfully or just framed him is another story for another tin foil hat. In the meantime--I am Shoban Illiterati. (Was that who I am? Jeesh I can't quite recall...)

Anonymous said...

I have read the same material as you it seems....Greg the guy above you has a library of ancient text.

Kennedy had plans to disrupt the status quo federal reserve and return to proper money. Kennedy for all of his personal my opinion...was the last great American President. The Kennedys knew the corruption in DC ran deep and they just had so many enemies it's hard to pick just one. I will never buy that oswald bullshit.

Your name came about as a result of your inability to cipher the word nayphus which as a youth next to the reservation I was told meant "no."

Thus you were handled...shoban illiterati. Had you passed the language skills assessment you might have been shoban illuminati but it was not to be.

MMinLamesa said...

What's wrong with debt that generates income? Positive cash flow is a good thing.

As for you Brian, wrong side of bed this morning? So fatalistic. Yeah, we're in bad spot, a really bad spot. And we continue to dig. Hell from the 3rd/Jan to the 4th/Jan the Federal government increased our National Debt $97 Billion!!! That's almost a hundred billion overnight. Whatinthehell dude? Did we buy something big? Fix a zillion potholes? Where the hell does a hundred billion dollars go overnight? And how can anyone in their right mind believe inflation is 2%?

It's all there for a true nightmare and we fucking deserve it. Massive debt(bad debt Compleat Patriot) millions upon millions of dumb downed zombies, racial tensions, open borders, an entrenched and hidden shadow bureaucracy, an entitlement mentality and that's just the worst of it. The rot goes deep.

But allow me to see a silver lining. There are opportunities abounding for young people and all they need is to be pointed. One of Trump's big campaign promises is school choice. With vouchers available, we can begin to break the strangle hold of the teacher's unions. Breaking the teacher's unions not only unleashes our children but it will begin to end the ridiculous pay and pension packages that are bankrupting municipalities across the country. Don't think for a second these bastards are going to go quietly.

Am I too optimistic about manufacturing returning here? Probably but combine any increase in manufacturing jobs and the sure to increase in energy sector employment and real income will rise. Inexpensive energy will begin to offset the advantage off shore countries have with cheap labor.

Just 2 weeks ago, the Minister of the Treasury in Mexico resigned. Last week FORD announced they were abandoning plans for a $1.2 Billion plant in Mexico. Food riots have broken out across Mexico. Why? I've seen estimates that when you combine the tax fraud Mexicans pull here in the states, the short end of the trade stick we get, a river of drugs and the remittances sent back, it's ~$500 Billion going south A YEAR. The Minister sees the writing on the wall(get it, the wall??) as well as the CEO of FORD-Mexico is in a world of hurt. They don't want to be anywhere near the place when the wall is built and the pressure valve is closed.

Multiply this by the dozens of crappy deals and defense expenditures, and now you're talking about real change. And a real possibility to actually begin some fucking fiscal disipline.

How about the debt? Well all you can do is either cut expenses or raise taxes. What's it look like Trump is doing? The bureaucracy in DC is a terrible monster but a policy of attrition and maybe even elimination of some of the acronym bureaus will be a start.

I could go on with what I see as the Titanic slowing beginning a 180. Can he do it? Beats me. I know that Regressives faced a seemingly solid conservative Christian nation in the 1880s and they never relented.

At the very least you have to admit that had Hillary won, none of the above would be happening. So there's that.

Compleat Patriot said...

Anger is a natural emotion just like all other emotions.. Nothing at all wrong with it used in cool controlled moderation.. Brian's good at it..

O’ Sanity…Sanity, where for art thou Sanity?

Standing alone in the dead of night on a balcony overlooking the vast plaza stands a lady oft times called Truth, at times Freewill, others call her Justness.
She calls out for her lover, over and yet again.

But there is no reply.

Compleat Patriot said...

Whats this below mean? Basically this Nation/State set up by those founders and THEIR legal Posterity is a private business.. The key in changing it exists as they set it up using this very premise from the Law of Nations.. The problem as I see it is their Posterity have been orchestrating division amongst the citizens for two centuries so we could never come together in the LAW and force them to run the business model, a Nation/State to the benefit of all rather than just themselves.. Remember that neat nifty little line, the few screwing the many..

Law Of Nations
§ 32. It may reform the government.
If any nation is dissatisfied with the public administration, it may apply the necessary remedies, and reform the government. But observe that I say "the nation;" for I am very far from meaning to authorize a few malcontents or incendiaries to give disturbance to their governors by exciting murmurs and seditions. None but the body of a nation have a right to check those at the helm when they abuse their power. When the nation is silent and obeys, the people are considered as approving the conduct of their superiors, or at least finding it supportable; and it is not the business of a small number of citizens to put the state in danger, under the pretense of reforming it.

§ 33. And may change the constitution.
In virtue of the same principles, it is certain that it the nation is uneasy under its constitution, it has a right to change it.
There can be no difficulty in the case, if the whole nation be unanimously inclined to make this change. But it is asked, what is to be done if the people are divided? In the ordinary management of the state, the opinion of the majority must pass without dispute for that of the whole nation: otherwise it would be almost impossible for the society ever to take any resolution. It appears then, by parity of reasoning, that a nation may change the constitution of the state by a majority of voles; and whenever there is nothing in this change that can be considered as contrary to the act of civil association, or to the intention of those united under it, the whole are bound to conform to the resolution of the majority. (22) But if the question be, to quit a form of government to which alone it appeared that the people were willing to submit on their entering into the bonds of society, — if the greater part of a free people, after the example of the Jews in the time of Samuel, are weary of liberty, and resolved to submit to the authority of a {sovereign} monarch, — those citizens who are more jealous of that privilege, so invaluable to those who have tasted it, though obliged to suffer the majority to do as they please, are under no obligation at all to submit to the new government: they may quit a society which seems to have dissolved itself in order to unite again under another form: they have a right to retire elsewhere, to sell their lands, and take with them all their effects.

Self Govern. Self Determination. Diplomatic Immunity from the Monarch.. This is not gained by challenging their system.. Which is the error the sovereign "citizen" groups repeatedly make, the voters and all other groups complaining.. It is not a legal possibility to be both a sovereign and a citizen anymore than to be a master and a slave.. This struggle has gone on throughout the history of man, Discourses on Livy... Spartacus.. All of it. The best version of this law now in English, Anglish by design is Vattel's 1750 Law of Nations.. Albeit the concept has been around since 1200 A.D.
They repeatedly win because the average blokes bring the wrong argument to them.. By design..

Now let me see I was thinking about legal terms Illiterati..

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