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Friday, October 14, 2016

The Not So Great 2016 Election

A couple of days ago I got a call from my old friend, Pat. Pat wanted to know why I wasn't writing about these two morons that are running for President.

Honestly, they remind me of the last two morons. And the two before that. And so on.

The democrats and their lap dog media must really be scared of losing. Every article in every mainstream media outlet is running Trump down- while ignoring Hillary's crimes. It smells of desperation. Even those fake polls.

Actually I can boil this election down to one topic. That's all there is. The rest of this election is noise. More on that in a bit.

I have a two part theory on why we get such horrible candidates every election cycle. It is actually pretty simple. Ego maniacs and power seekers run for office. Sometimes I think, they actually run for the money particularly in the rural areas. Candidates today do not run for office out of a sense of public service. In fact, the idea of running based on public service is a notion so archaic you will never even hear anyone state it. When was the last time you heard a candidate say they were running for office because they wanted to serve the public? Let me guess- never.

Politicians today don't even think about serving the public. Mostly, they just serve their selfish interests. That's true at every level of government on down to local governments.

Part two of my theory is that decent, non ego driven people simply don't run for office. The reason good people are good people is that they do not engage in occupations where they must lie, repay favors, get played in the local press, etc. Status or a a political resume is simply not important to them. Good people want absolutely none of that nonsense. That's why we get the shit bags that we get running for office. Obama hasn't had a real job during his entire life. Honestly, if that guy had to turn a wrench or lift a heavy object he'd probably dislocate something. You can bet those hands have never owned a callous or seen a blister.

So this election hinges on one thing. Obamacare. The "Affordable Health Care Act" which is one of the greatest lies ever perpetuated by government.

Trump says he'll get rid of it. Hillary will keep it. There you have it. The only reason to vote for either of these two. Obamacare is the only reason Obama is supporting Hillary- he knows his "legacy" will stay intact. That's why he hates Trump.

It's that simple. Hillary the criminal or Trump the ego maniac womanizer- it doesn't matter. People are going to vote based on their Obamacare pain. I will tell you this- millions upon millions of us are pissed off over the dump truck full of lies piled on us by this administration and the worst Congress ever. There is new evidence now that supports the suspicion that King Obama even influenced Justice Roberts to allow the ACA to clear the Supreme Court. All three branches of government failed us. Big time. And the shittiest law ever- lingers on. Check this out. The latest million people getting hosed.

Trump has a real shot. All you have to do is beat a criminal- and know there are about 100 million actual taxpayers with jobs who have been screwed over by the worst law ever.

One last thing. Have you noticed that Hillary is nothing but a power hungry elitist- catering to banks and the big war machine? She would be perfect sitting atop the GOP because there is nothing about this woman that is blue collar. I can't believe the alleged blue collar base of the democratic party, working stiffs, buys her bullshit- they might as well be voting for Romney sans all the criminal conduct.


Always On Watch said...

I didn't realize that so many are pissed off about ObamaCare.

I'm not saying you're wrong. I myself have been largely insulated from it because my private policy was grandfathers in.

MMinWA said...

I used to have catastrophic insurance. Started many years ago at around $50/month and when it was cancelled, it was in the low $200s. At the end, the terms were I paid the first $7,000 of any one year's medical expenses, we split the next $7,000 and after that, I was 100% covered.

So in essence, in my entire life, I never had insurance pay one dime for any medical procedure, minor surgery, check up, blood work or prescription. Nothing. Which was fine with me. I had insurance in case I broke a leg snow boarding or had a horrible car crash...whatever.

It also meant I shopped around for everything. For example, my colonoscopy cost me, as I recall, $1100, cash. Repairing a minor hernia was $1500, cash. No co-pays, no free prescriptions, no free check ups...IOW, I had insurance not a ticket.

When I was faced with ObamaCare, I decided fuck it. I haven't provided any medical or health info to the IRS on my 1040. I have never heard anything from them, not even one of these letters saying I owe for the penalty-which I will not pay. I believe millions have done exactly the same thing and that's not being reported by the government. It would just encourage others. Now with the biggest yet increases coming, I think soon the government won't be able to hide that.

I just turned 65 and was automatically enrolled in MediCare. I called and asked WTF? They said I can withdraw but if I ever decide to reenroll, there's a 10%/year penalty charge.

Personally, I'd just as soon have been able to keep the insurance I had. But them days are long gone. Like everything else, when the government gets involved, it's gonna get fucked up. When the government made health insurance a non taxable benefit, that when the shit started rolling in.

Trump has promised to get rid of it, make insurance policies available across state lines and allow widespread HSAs. We'll see how Ryan and the other UniParty scumbags deal with that should he get elected.

I see you've downgraded your slur of Trump from a narcissist to an ego-maniac. I agree he's definitely an ego-maniac. And was a womanizer, how could he not be as the promoter of the Miss Universe? But I believe him when he says campaigning across the country and seeing first hand, the nightmare, has changed him.

You wrote, "When was the last time you heard a candidate say they were running for office because they wanted to serve the public?" Dude, it's happening right now with Trump. He says, I'm with you and he means it. Is he doing this to make more billions? Is he doing this to make his buddies richer? Do you know hedge funders have donated $122 Million to Hillary and $19,000! to Trump. Is Goldman/Sachs donating to him? Lehman Bros? Just a little to hedge? Nope. They know who is going to butter their bread.

He did not need to do this. He's a multibillionaire. He owns premiere real estate world wide. Resorts, casinos, golf courses. ALL OVER THE WORLD. Did I see he generated $700 million in revenue profits last year? He has a gorgeous wife, a great family, grand children-IOW when most everyone that has ever lived would have, at 70 years old, just enjoyed the fruits of a lifetime of labor, he's working harder then ever to help this country get out of the Obama/Jarrett nightmare by putting his experience to work for us.

Experience BTW, that Hillary has none of and truthfully, for what she has in store for us, his kind of experience is pointless.

Compleat Patriot said...

I have health care. If I need some care I reach into my pocket and pay for it. I just blew a grand on my eyes..

Now the spouse has health care.. In the beginning it was 350 per month, then 420 then 530 now its going to 750. And she has to ask permission to use it, visits for checkups are limited. Its about to get shit canned.

On another note all of my buddies work has been postponed. Hmmm.. Something smells like 08..

Compleat Patriot said...

The political shit show arena has failed to provide itself with anyone like this..

Autodidact Polymath

“The concepts of experts and expertise are debated within the field of epistemology under the general heading of expert knowledge. In contrast, the opposite of a specialist would be a generalist or polymath.”

The term is widely used informally, with people being described as ‘experts’ in order to bolster the relative value of their opinion, when no objective criteria for their expertise is available. The term crank is likewise used to disparage opinions. Academic elitism arises when experts become convinced that only their opinion is useful, sometimes on matters beyond their personal expertise.

A polymath (Greek: πολυμαθής, polymathēs, “having learned much”)[1] is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas; such a person is known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems. The term was first used in the seventeenth century but the related term, polyhistor, is an ancient term with similar meaning.

The term is often used to describe those great thinkers of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, each of whom excelled at several fields in science and the arts..

Compleat Patriot said...

Maybe all of those pathological psychopaths holding public offices are telling us the truth, they really did come from