The Reckoning Has Arrived- The Sunday Collage

Like many of you, I have been waiting for this time. The time when accounts finally get settled. I cannot believe it has taken this long.

Late last week, the DJIA tanked over 800 points. An even bigger scale loss (%) occurred on the Nasdaq. You know it's serious when CNN headlines tout a "correction." They use the term "correction" to hedge their bets and to do their part in keeping the millions of lemmings locked long into the equity markets. I heard another calm, soothing voice on the radio say the "correction" would be healthy for the resumption of the"bull" market. Where do they find these people?

These are the kinds of statements that occur when people get really nervous. They don't want you to panic because they know if you beat them out the door, they will be left holding it. He who panics first- panics best.

I'm not sure that people understand that the world, with all of it's various markets and currencies, is a giant economy unto itself. People are able to trade internationally and when one or two giant economies sneeze, the other people in the room are about to catch the same cold. We are all connected. Here's a list of countries where markets are collapsing.

I've been waiting for this for 6.5 years. The most fraudulent recovery ever- complete with counterfeiting, false numbers, and the suspension of generally accepted accounting principles- is about to be exposed. The great lie, the only thing Obama can lay claim to, is the ridiculous notion that this last 6.5 years has actually been some sort of a normal, healthy, economic recovery.

All that remains to be seen is what extraordinary things our government and the FED will do to try and stem the bleeding. Trust me, what ever insignificant rate hike the FED may or may not have planned for September- is off the table. The substance matters not- the perception of raising rates right now- would completely destroy any last traces of credibility that this administration has left.

I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to this week. I can almost hear the whine now.


Yep. Things are falling down nicely. I've been expecting this thus I've been hanging around to observe the thing. At some point they will likely start another war for distractions sake. They recently started that huge motel/hotel thingy on main street Ketchum. The entire block is a huge hole 30' deep. There are other large projects going on, I helped on one for awhile. I wonder if those will finish. Nothing is selling, all of those affordable housing cough cough 1.5 mil and up new condos are not selling.. There are seven going on in various stages of construction on 101 first one block from the huge motel hotel crater on main. I expect all of those jobs to stop.
PeterE said…

I have some bad news for you. I'm betting the end is not as close as you think. Watch in agony as they try to print their way out of this again and make it drag on even longer. Rabbits will appear out of hats. The impossible will happen. No accounts will be setteled yet, buddy. There is too much at stake for the bankers to throw in the towel just yet. Now it's time for all hands on deck, the last hurrah.
No reset this year. Sorry.

Hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said…
WTHell huh Brian? What in the world are these people smoking? Down over 1,400 points and then up over a 1,000? Plus Yellan says the rate hike is still in the offing.

I used to love owning stocks-I was a buy and hold guy, had a ton of Exxon/Mobile until the mid 90s-just thought it was not real anymore.
Brian said…
I bought some miners at the 1000 point low. Valuations are just getting stupid.

In terms of capitulation, something tells me MM, that this shitstorm is far from over. This market is so manipulated at this point- it simply defies belief.

I am long miners and short everything else.


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