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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Legalized Thievery (Asset Forfeiture) Very Funny Video Follows

In Idaho, we have a very strong state constitution which does not allow Idaho cops to operate DUI roadblocks/checkpoints. The same holds true for asset forfeitures. In Idaho, you still have some civil rights. Apparently that is not true in other states. This is a very funny video about asset forfeiture.
The Coyote blog is where I found it.


Compleat Patriot said...

I got ballsy two years ago and drove to Elko to interview at a Union shop, I was carrying drug money, several hundred at the time. I always set the truck on cruise control, just under the posted limit. Everyones always passing me. Here's a funny for ya, I went too renew the driver license February 2012, I couldn't pass the eyeball examine to save my ass. I guessed, no shit dude, I guessed. And the kind lady signed me off.. lol.. You tell me who cheated on that one.. I think she liked me.

PeterE said...

Civil forfeiture. WTF? As an Australian this beggars belief.

You have some money.
I like money.
I get to take your money.
You get to fuck off.

The greatest country in the world? Not if shit like this is allowed.

Citizens of the USA: Wake up. Revolt. You are letting the various arms of government and any body with a little power pull the pillow case over your head. Prepare for a beating.