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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Being Stupid Is Only Hard On the Others- The Sunday Collage

I'm here, still whacking away. My detractors, those flaming liberals from Moonbat Valley, have followed me in here. I don't write for them, I write in spite of them.

Maybe, they think, he will get tired and quit writing. We can always look at Kim Kardashian's cleavage instead. In 20 years, when nobody wants to look at Kim Kardashian's cleavage- maybe I'll still be here. That's what I think.

Six years ago next month- I started the world famous blog, "Frankenstein Government." In the next week or two, I am going to reach a million page views. Although 800,000 of those views are my own, I want to say thank you to the three loyal readers which I have lured in here and who account for the majority of the remaining 200,000 page views.

My friend, the Feral Irishman, had a million hits during his second week of blogging.

I have never won any blog awards. I don't advertise because I don't give a shit about making money and I've only received two advertising offers for 50 bucks a month. I don't put a tip jar or similar device in the margin because I know you bastards are too cheap to donate anything anyway. If the only thing standing between death and I depended on one of you buying me a ham sandwich- I'd busy myself by getting my affairs in order, divvying up the silver, and selecting a nice copper urn to park my ashes in.

Today, I scrolled through the FG archives. I've written some really awful stuff over the years and I apologize for that. (this may account for my lack of blog awards) I've also received a few nasty comments along the way- many of which I have deleted. Actually, nasty comments have been rare. Despite my complete lack of imagination and writing skills, my affinity for pronouns and dangling participles, and my completely inept editing skills- most people simply leave this blog and never come back. They don't waste their energy writing hateful comments. When those types of hateful comments do show up- I generally think they have arrived from my anti-fan club in Moonbat Valley. This happened once after I had posted a link to my blog from my Facebook page.

Mostly, I think, I am just like my readers. I think we share a lot of similarities.

I paid my dues. I went to college until my money ran out. Back in those days, we didn't have student loans which covered everything and I didn't arrive on the planet with any sort of silver spoon in my mouth. I worked full time jobs in college which started to negatively effect my grades. It all came to a head when optical mineralogy, organic chemistry, and a couple of other nasty classes and labs came calling one semester. I switched gears, went into a year long law enforcement program, and spent the next 24 years as a cop. In 2007, I got divorced. I also "retired" that year. I was still technically on the payroll when I loaded up my Jeep and drove 1700 miles to New Orleans. That's where I repaired my life.

I began writing here one year later in the fall of 2008 after Bush II, Congress, and Hank Paulson stole nearly a trillion dollars from us and gave it to their crony, banker buddies. I was in a state of disbelief. That event spawned this blog. But what it really spawned in me was a non stop thirst for knowledge. I began to read everything I could get my hands on- about the unbelievable and crooked origins of the Federal Reserve, false bank "panics", illegal gold seizures by Roosevelt via executive order, and any of a 100 or so additional topics from the fraud that was the Gulf of Tonkin and the Vietnam War, to the French redeeming unbacked US fiat for gold to the manipulation of markets by the President's Working Group on Financial Markets- an executive order issued by Godlike figure Ronald Reagan which has essentially destroyed free markets forever or at least until that executive order is rescinded or repealed.

The more you read- the worse it gets. You begin to actually understand how incredibly crooked and corrupt our entire economic system is, how the banks control virtually everything, and you wonder how they are able to conceal all of those manipulations from most of the general population. That's where my 6 year investigation has taken me. The worst part is that you begin to realize just how little you really know and how stupid you've been your entire life. You wonder how it's possible. It's a problem most will never face. Being stupid they say, is only hard on the others.

That all happened to me- right here.

The weirdest part is that I feel incredibly grateful to have taken this blogging journey. Blogging caused me to read and verify sources or find collateral references for all sorts of topics. I've been able to comprehend, condense, and convey all of that information right here. I am not worse because of it. I've interacted with a lot of solid people, people like me, within the blogging community.

This blog and everything I've written here- will outlive me. It will either be proven essentially correct or it will be dismissed as the ramblings of some neanderthal writer. It doesn't matter to me how that turns out. I am prepared for either eventuality. In the meantime, I'm ok with my efforts here. I got lucky. I found out how stupid I've been on... oh so many levels. The humbling and leveling of one's false, inflated sense of self is never a bad thing. But it is exceedingly rare.

When people are honest with each other, there is a sense of authenticity. Honest writing is authentic writing. People sense that. Authentic communication always wins. It says, "I am real and I don't need anything in exchange for what I write or say." I'm not here selling silver bars in the margins. I've tried to write something here that is valuable and useful. Something that will allow you to emotionally challenge old beliefs and re think them. Perhaps you will grasp an opportunity and prepare a little bit for the shit storm that is most assuredly headed our way. Maybe you will spend hours everyday- researching various topics. Or maybe you will start your own blog at some point in your life when you can write freely and honestly. Maybe something you write- will change a life or cause a spark. And God knows, in a blind drunk, you can do a better job than this. Maybe I will find your blog and leave shitty comments on it.

In the meantime,  I believe that one day, they will try to regulate and take away this ability we have to freely communicate. Honest communications have always threatened dishonest people. Free speech bothers and threatens those who lie and obstruct the truth. They don't want you to exchange information. What you don't know- really does hurt you. They know that. Knowledge is power. Find knowledge, find honesty, and communicate those findings as effectively as you can. There is a lot of power within authentic communication.

Don't worry about your your bad writing, your shitty grammar, or your poor choices when it comes to selecting topics to write about. Authentic writing will trump all of that and people will forgive you for being stupid. My stupidity has only been hard on the others. It hasn't bothered me one iota. That's been my recipe for the past 6 years and I'm still here. A million hits in 300 weeks. And they said it wouldn't last...asshats.


Falcon said...
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Anonymous said...

It is true that interacting with morons can be distressing and depressing. There are times when I can literally feel my brain cells committing suicide (like lemmings running over a cliff) at the prospect of having to stoop down to their level and engage them as one would a child (and that's what a lot of them are, children, masquerading as adults). I despise "talking small" every minute of every day about all kinds of shit that doesn't amount to shit because it is shit. Shit on TV, shit in politics and shit in the economy. Shit just about everywhere else It's not that I myself am some kind of freaking Einstein or Gandhi, not by a long shot, but there are times when I fantasize about going to a doctor and begging him for a partial lobotomy so that I can fit right in with all of the mooks and dipships I encounter on a daily basis. Wisdom begets sadness, and isolation. No wonder this society is so screwed up, always has been and always will be. So many idiots trying to better themselves by shoring themselves up against, and learning from...other idiots. How the hell can anyone crawl out of the muck when all he has is more muck to cling to? The blind leading the blind.

Yes, idiots are okay with themselves because they're too stupid to know how stupid they are. It's those above them who suffer the most in the same way family members suffer the most when another family member is diagnosed with schizophrenia or alzheimer's or whatever.

Ignorance I can deal with, we're all born that way. But stupidity (applied ignorance) is something else. And TPTB like things just the way they are. Who needs a population of critically minded, freethinking individuals when a population of idiots is so much easier to coerce and manipulate?

I like you, Brian, but your musings should come with a medical warning ("anyone who can count his balls more than once and always arrive at the same number is too damned smart to be reading this stuff. Increased blood pressure may be the result".......or something like that).

Rant off.

Compleat Patriot said...

" Who needs a population of critically minded, freethinking individuals when a population of idiots is so much easier to coerce and manipulate"

There you have it, and who benefitted from removing the threat of those types of thinkers? Using the Power of Myths and unrealities to beguile and confuse us all. If they dumbed everybody down that means all of us. Only they knew some of us would find our way through the countless myths orchestrated against this society.

Why? for the preservation of their power and authority against the most dangerous weapon each of us carries around just above our shoulders between our ears. The mind of men. The removed the threat long ago.

The profane masses reading and writing fifth grade level English when their masters have been using 16 through 22 grade level English since the creation of this corporation in 1783 in Paris. Not only that, how is the low level masonic initiate supposed to comprehend what the higher levels above him are saying and doing?

Obviously that is impossible. We see the result. The 29th-33rd degrees are running the show, and answering to higher degrees hidden behind a veil..

How about this? You have a society that cannot comprehend the legal process taking place in the courts, yet that society heads out to the vote booth to vote for lawyers because those voters believe they comprehend what the lawyer turned political beast is saying.

Obviously again, that is impossible.

What the fk is a representative? A lawyer. a fken baby sitter. Because the average guy cannot speak the lingo. Anyboddy in that helpless position expecting a choice life is a fool.

The American Dream is an illusion. It is the Reality TV version of " The Truman Show " starring a cast of millions in 50 states with a majority that don't have a clue.

Irish said...

Good morning Brian, :)

It is sad that it takes getting to this point in my life that my eyes are opened to some of what is going on. Oh do I long for the carefree days of youth. I am deeply pessimistic inside but try and maintain my optimism in the small circle that is my life. Work hard and play hard. I will never retire comfortably. In this day an age there are so many lemmings that I don't have a clue. As long as the cell phone and TV are on things are good. Meanwhile, they are living week to week and staying in debt. It has taken many things to learn lifes lessons. I wish I had listened to some of my mentors back in the day.
I'm sitting here at work on a beautiful fall Sunday morning. It's gonna be a long week but next week is golf vacation so I can suck it up. I'm off to search boobies now.. I need another million hits ;-)

Stay safe my friend


Compleat Patriot said...

“Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They’ll only be able to parrot the information they’ve been given on the previous night’s news”.---Zbigniew Brzezinski

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the public believes is false.” ---William Casey, former CIA Director

Firstthought said...

Your right, i enjoyed it.

Unknown said...

Been following you since the old days when you had the Frankenstein picture on your blog. I rarely post but I find your blog both informative and refreshing. I've checked your site at least 5 times a week for the past 3 years or more. Thanks for your blog!

Anonymous said... were one of the three readers accounting for the 200k hits!!! Thank you very much. Thanks for swinging by.


frankenstein government said...

I swear the commenting portion of my blog has always been fucked up. I wrote replies to several of you guys and poof...they were gone. lol

frankenstein government said...

I loved both of your comments and since this fucking site has lost the two or three I have already written- I am keeping this short. Thank you!

frankenstein government said...

Golf has always been my therapy- ever since age 12 or so. 1/2 million of your hits or so are me gawking at NSFW pics at your site. If I ever get a job I'll heed the not safe for work warning. Thanks for swinging by.


Jim at Asylum Watch said...

You know you've finally reached a point on the learning curve that most people have yet to reach and probably never will, when you see that America is in a race to the bottom and best thing you can say about is that she won't win but she will make the finish line.

Congrats on a million hits, my friend! That's saying something!

frankenstein government said...

Thanks First!


Falcon said...

I can tell you that your the one that opened my eyes wide open with the banks and especially the Fed. It's a lot of reading but my God if everyone would take the time to read how corrupt everything is maybe (though I doubt it) things would change. Also, that being said, I would glady buy you a ham sandwich if it wasn't over a $1.50. Keep it up Brian this is one of the best blogs.

Anonymous said...

I, as well, enjoyed this post.... you seem to be one of very few people that I feel are honest, genuine, and uphold moral values and employ scruples - imho anyways...., even after your many years of being a public servant police chief. "You've done well your top knot"!

N.E. friend

frankenstein government said...

It's fucking incredible. I have some people I sponsor and mentor. When they are over at the house or we are out swilling coffee- I like to ask them where money comes from. Not one person has ever correctly answered the question. I'm gonna say 0-25. Btw, that's a thin ass sammich but I appreciate the thought. lol. Thanks Falc


frankenstein government said...

Thanks for swinging by Jim. Been watching that BS in your corner of the world. Things are just fine all over aren't they?


frankenstein government said...

No shit. True dat.

frankenstein government said...

I try to be authentic. My top knot is getting quite thin. If it gets much worse, there is no way I am doing the comb over. I am going full bore Kojak. Thanks my NE friend. Those were some good days.


Jim at Asylum Watch said...

BTW, thanks for that link to Raconteur Report. Great blog! That "Do the math" article was a real eye-opener. I've linked it at six sites this morning. We need to spread the word!

Anonymous said...

Great post. I've always enjoyed your honesty and your candor, as someone who has 'been there and done that'.

And thanks for the tip about http://raconteurreport. You're right, he's spot on and funny as hell as well. Got it bookmarked.


Compleat Patriot said...

"Governments have universally exercised a despotic control of consumptions, sometimes from humane, but chiefly from fraudulent motives. Laws for limiting the prices of consumable articles, unattended by the desire of transferring property are of the former description; and laws for controlling consumptions, with the covert intention of transferring property, of the latter. But whether the motive by which such laws have been dictated has been good or bad, their effects have been uniformly tyrannical or pernicious. They have even sometimes created the famines they intended to prevent. The whole code of these laws is a commentary upon the policy of subjecting consumptions to the absolute control of governments, however constituted. When these laws designed to provide the multitude with bread, they starve them; when they pretend to supply the multitude with money, they impoverish them." ~John Taylor: Tyranny Unmasked

Anonymous said...

Brian, frequent reader, seldom poster. But the reason I continue to check back in is that I find you nearly always mirror my thoughts with your posts. I sometimes wish that I had never decided to find the truth. Discovering the level of depravity in the system is depressing.

Keep writing what I am thinking and I will continue to read it.

Frankenstein Government said...

I think we find the truth depressing because there is no quick fix. However, we've got to find a way to stay sane. I think people are going to have to lose a lot more before they figure out how lucky they had been - before they can take the steps needed to get it back. I don't think that's going to happen for a long while. In the meantime, I think we just have to practice acceptance and prepare a little.

Thanks for swinging by...