Saturday, July 26, 2014

She Smells Like Toast To Me- The Sunday Collage

Today's post probably should probably be rated R. It's the subject matter.

The Clintons have always fascinated me. Birds of a feather- flock together.

In a nation run by criminals, the Clintons seem a logical fit. We have Bill- a compulsive liar, drug and sex addict- a man who helped ruin this country by removing banking reform laws like Glass-Steagall. His wife Hillary is a sociopath and a lesbian. In fact, one of my favorite lines- attributed to Bill Clinton- is the one where Bill states that Hillary has eaten more pussy than he has.

I've got nothing against lesbians- even though we've always competed for the same prize. I don't even really care whether or not this country gets it's first lesbian President. The problem isn't being a lesbian; it's living a lifelong lie and pretending that you are the matriarch of some "all American family" because you desperately want to be the first female President. The normalcy lie becomes a politically convenient narrative for your lifelong ambitions.

There is no question in my mind that Hillary hates men and cops in particular. She is an elitist and a lawyer, a person who believes she is well above the purview of any law. And so far- she has proven that to be correct. Yet, I don't think Hillary has a snowball's chance in hell of becoming President.

Please don't misunderstand me. Just because she has no chance in hell does not mean she will not attempt another run. People who covet something greatly- do not go away easily. Don't think that I am discounting the collective stupidity of our country either- a country that voted for Obama- twice.

I have a pretty good grip on who Hillary is. My fascination with the Clintons runs deep.

Many years ago, I was reading a piece about Bill Clinton's 12 year love affair with Gennifer Flowers while he was the Governor of Arkansas. The Arkansas State Police shielded Bill from Hillary while they shuttled Bill to and fro from his liasons with Gennifer. The article I was reading was about a neighbor of Gennifer's, a man who videotaped the comings and goings of Bill Clinton, who actually stated he had a library of proof in the form of video tapes. The man later claimed that he was beat up and his camera and tapes were stolen from his apartment.

Do I believe him? Yes I do, although I don't like this version of the story much. Let me put it this way. I give this unknown man more credibility than I do a known and proven liar such as Bill Clinton.

Then there was this piece about Clinton and a cocaine overdose which I absolutely believe. I also believe the part where Hillary threatened the attending staff in the E.R. that night. It seems congruent with her ambitions as she constantly maintained the facade of the all American family.

Bill Clinton was once the Attorney General of Arkansas. That means that he was the chief law enforcement in the state of Arkansas while having his adulterous affair with Gennifer Flowers, snorting cocaine, and extorting money in the Whitewater scandal. Susan McDougal, the woman who refused to testify against the Clintons when Whitewater finally went public- eventually went to prison and was later granted a pardon by then President Bill Clinton.

You cannot make this shit up. The scandals never end with these two. Cattle futures bribery, Vince Foster, Travelgate, shaking down Marc Rich's wife for a few million in exchange for a pardon, stealing White House furniture, Benghazi. I know I'm missing a few more. The odd thing is- is that these are just the scandals we know about. Makes you wonder what we don't know about...doesn't it? 

The Benghazi episode was the last nail in the coffin for Hillary. It was the last gasp of a sick and tired old woman. Letting Christopher Stevens die and blaming it on a You Tube video was just another national lie brought to you in political concert by the morons who attempt to lead this country. It remains to be seen whether Hillary will evade taking responsibility for Benghazi but judging by all of her past performances- it appears justice will be stood up once again.

Hillary's book, "Hard Choices" has not sold well because quite frankly, nobody cares about Hillary anymore.

Hillary Clinton does not represent the American people. She never has. She has been a privileged, entitled, ambitious woman who is completely self absorbed. Hillary is an angry, pathological liar who has lived a lie her entire life and that lie is unraveling. I think the American public, uninformed dumb shits that they are (but we vote!) might just be getting sick of Hillary without even performing the usual, casual, and superficial due diligence that they perform prior to any election. Unlike the completely unknown real life of Barack Obama, Hillary's life appears to be pretty much an open book at this point. In a way it's kind of sad. I'd hate to live a lie my entire life and if I did- to be denied the prize for all of that pathological planning- that's a cold shower I'd never want to take.

There's not a chance in hell that Hillary will become President. I'm not sure who she appeals to anymore. Maybe gay rights activists or angry, uninformed women. Maybe older, elite folks and the usual democratic base. Perhaps those idiot Republicans can come up with another crappy candidate and help her along. Even with all those things...I just don't see it.

When I was a kid, every once in awhile bread would get jammed into our toaster and burnt to a crisp. We all know what happens to burnt toast. Somehow I see that as metaphor for all things Hillary Clinton right now. And even if I'm wrong and the Gods hate us- can you imagine all the nasty stuff that would happen with Hillary as el presidente'? It would be a tsunami of shit. I'd probably have to start a whole new blog.



Jim at Asylum Watch said...

I don't even think Hillary will win the Democratic Party nomination. WaPo had an article recently saying the far left wing of the Democrats think Hillary is too conservative and that they only tolerate Obama; but they love Elizibeth Warren. I'd worry about that except I don't believe it will any difference who is elected president in 2016. What's wrong with our country can't be fixed. Sometimes you just have to bring in the wrecking crew and start over from scratch.

blurred said...

Bill and Hillary have lived an unapologetic life of transparent adultery. Anybody with a double digit IQ or better knows they only stay together as a means for individual advancement. They live a lie..... Reference the "Energizer" I think they call her for the latest Bill jizz receptacle. As far as she goes, she stepped out of the way for the black guy in regards to the promise she'll get her chance next. Too bad nobody cares about her anymore.

Compleat Patriot said...

OMG.. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Seriously considering this for a guest post at Candid...