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Friday, June 13, 2014

Donner, Party of One

Very often, while traveling hither and yon on my Harley, I spot some man or woman or both trapped in a vehicle. Maybe their kids are screaming or they are screaming. Maybe they are scowling or looking out the window maybe even playing the "I am not going to talk to you game" that 70% of adults use to solve their differences. Or maybe I hear the sounds of Milli Vanilli playing on the radio.

So in some smug, sort of secret way- I find myself feeling sorry for the occupants of cars. Unfortunately, today was not that day. Today, I felt sorry for me. Mr. Donner. The moron who decided to scale Lolo Pass from Lewiston to Missoula on his motorcycle. "Look honey, that guy must be freezing!"

Today the tables were turned.

There have only been two times in my riding life where I have had to throw on everything in the bag. Today was the second time. The first time occurred in Sept. 2007, during a blizzard which extended from Taos, New Mexico to Snowville, Utah. Back then, that was the pinnacle of dumbassery. With four inches of slush on the road- that day is still my crowning achievement. Today, just gets a silver medal.

As I am writing this, you should know that the heater is on high in my room. I have draped my jeans over that heater- jeans which actually got wet through my chaps.

The weather was a perky fifty five degrees or so which plummeted as I climbed the 215 mile pass. The declining temperatures were aided by multiple rain showers which together conspired to turn my nuts into a couple of caraway seeds. That I am able to even type right now is a testament to my dedication and commitment to my readers here at FG.  

Still free and worth every penny.

We tried to kill them- they killed us.

On top of Whitebird Hill where the cavalry got whipped

Lochsa River- approx. same temp as photographer

Snow on Lolo Pass

Like the Grizzly Motif



Hacksaw said...

Brian, I can relate to that after riding for 200 miles in 50 degree rainy weather. I checked into the motel and was just 5 minutes from lapsing into hypothermia. I started up to my room and landed face down on the stairs. After the desk clerk was satisfied I was not having a heart attack, he helped me to my room where I remained under a hot shower till I think the motel was almost running out of hot water.

Unknown said...

You are dedicated to your readers ;). For that we are grateful.

Compleat Patriot said...
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blurred said...

Being wet +70mph wind chill= the suck

PeterE said...

Lucky you have that layer of fat that you didn't get rid of a few weeks ago. You might be cold and dead otherwise.

Brian said...

Somehow I understand with the precision of a motorcycle rider. Today's forecast is even worse.

Brian said...

I'll tell ya...I may need that layer of fat again today. As I write this, I am looking outside at nothing but nasty.

Anonymous said...

I been over that pass twice and both times I was treated some of the most spectacular views as the clouds were so low at times, I was driving through them. And when they broke and revealed the blue blue sky, wow.

Falcon said...

Feel bad for you but really enjoyed the story. Sounds like a beautiful place when a tad warmer.

Compleat Patriot said...

Thanks for the reminder, been there done that. Rode my 88 Low Rider across Wyoming in the rain once. Sometimes I regret being a has been biker, a ride over to YNP or Bozeman might be interesting. My worst ride was pulling a pack string out of the River of No Return Wilderness several years ago in 30"s of snow. I almost became a has been hunter after that one..

Brian said...

Greg you got any varmint guns for sale? prefer something in 22-250, maybe even a .204.