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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Where the Cactus Grows- The Sunday Collage

So once again, another showdown on BLM range land- this time with Clive Bundy and his cattle. It's ok to detonate atomic bombs in the Nevada desert which apparently has little or no effect on the endangered desert tortoise. Instead, the chief enemy of the desert tortoise as we all might surmise from government sources- are grazing cattle.

So between slaughtering wild mustangs, re-introducing wolves, and putting a stop to tortoise murdering cows- our BLM masters have been hard at work managing our range lands for us.

I have four or five friends- liberal friends- who are forever posting their conservative hating rants on Facebook. I confront a couple of them from time to time. Not because it doesn't lead to nowheresville but quite simply because I get tired of reading their narrow minded vitriol.

You know the type. The GOP did this, the GOP did that. We care about people- they don't.

Now you'd think that level of unconsciousness would erode some over time- but instead- I believe it has gotten far worse- at least for these 4 or 5. At any rate, one of them posted a "BLM is rounding up and slaughtering wild mustangs" piece a week or so ago. Something like this.

Of course the BLM denies any knowledge of the mustangs eventual fate. Think Hogan's Heroes and Sergeant Schultz. "I know nushink!"

I use all of these things only as illustrations.

So let me tally up the grand successes of the Federal Government while utilizing their wildlife wizardry and animal central planning. We have a wolf re-introduction program which has cost millions and maybe billions, and is an utter disaster. The Feds have spent gawd knows how much rounding up and slaughtering wild mustangs because they have determined what numbers the range can withstand and they presumably have protected the desert tortoise from the voracious attack of grazing cattle.  

All of this "management"- can be accomplished by the states themselves. It is an interesting point to note that a bunch of non resident political hacks sit in Washington D.C. tell everyone else (we refer to them as residents) how to use their own lands.

By Saturday, Cliven Bundy and armed militia men had backed down the Federal Government. Oddly enough, this occurred sometime after people began noting the absence of Senator Harry Reid in the fray. Citizen journalists began to peer into the Reid connection only to find out that Reid has solar projects slated for this very area. With Chinese partners. Indeed, they are very likely, tortoise friendly solar projects. Maybe they have little turtle shelters underneath the panels.

Last week I wrote about how the Feds tried to buy the Wounded Knee killing ground from the Sioux. The Sioux tribe refused to take the government bribe. One only has to go to Custer's battlefield to see what happens when the government takes over. The same things happen at Mt. Rushmore, at the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Park, or any other place the government can find to further plunder the public. And get this...

There will always be someone who carries the government water. Statists who always say things like, "Well they need to be able to pay for upkeep, salaries, uniforms and pointy hats, all those sorts of things."

Last year, American taxpayers paid 400 billion dollars worth of interest to bankers on behalf of the national debt because Congress refuses to spend within it's means. Of course, this number can only rise. Four hundred billion buys a lot of admission tickets and pointy hats.

I point this out every time I hear one of their water boys tell me that we have to pay for the cost of these venues. I tell them, I have already paid.

In fact, I'll be paying again this week. Tuesday to be precise.  

The solution of course is for the Federal Government to get out of our lives. Refund some of the tax money they have been seizing from citizens so that we can put out a fire once in awhile and decide how to administer our own lands. Return tourist destinations to state control or allow states to best collaborate on how to administer their own tourist venues. Local control makes a lot of sense. Chief Executives, like Governors and state legislatures can decide what to do with lands within their borders and let the residents of that state select governance based on how well they manage those things. Without the spectre of Federal government interference.

Texas is so lucky. Not one acre of BLM land. No confrontations.

I'm not against government- I'm just against bad government. I'm not against Federal Government- but I am against a Federal Government that thinks it has the authority to do anything it wants and is quite willing to attempt to do so. I'm proud that Americans and militia men took a stand and asserted their rights as free men to assemble this week. 

Now we are beginning to understand why Homeland Security bought all of that ammunition.

Can you name one society or culture anywhere that perished because they removed layers of redundant government? I can't. But I can sure name cultures that were obliterated because they ignored the creep of central planners.

I gotta tell ya, I know that area of Nevada near Mesquite pretty well. I have traveled through that desert many times including the back highways on my motorcycle. Sand, snakes, scorpions, and a few rabbits. A lot of cactus, rocks, and scrub brush. It's a tough, very hot place. As you look out at the terrain, it's hard to imagine that any of it really needs any managing at all. It's not like there are enormous herds of cows devouring the vegetation and tiptoeing on the backs of desert tortoises. It's not like that at all. It is an immense place- completely barren and unpopulated.

That desert has survived quite nicely just the way that it is. I think it will continue to do so with or without the Bureau of Land Management, cows, or desert tortoises.





Anonymous said...

Forget the Harry Reid Chinese connection. That was only the second psyops diversion from the real truth as to why the BLM is interested in this area. You and your readers will be shocked (not) by what is really going on.
The one thing that always rings true is that we should never steal. The Government hates competition. Link to the real story is below.

wirecutter said...

So I'm assuming you wrote this way out in the middle of the desert, seeing as you came down on me for not being there? Uh-huh. That's what I thought.

Brian said...

First of all Kenny, I went to your site because I actually thought you of all people might actually have gone down. After reading your post, I was pretty disappointed. You constantly talk about being a patriot and a 3% er but after reading your account of why you didn't go help- along with smearing Bundy a little bit- I got the feeling you are nothing but hot air.

So I called BS which now- has you here.

The difference between you and I is this. I do not shout from the rooftops what a freedom loving patriot I am- willing to join hands and battle for oppressed people everywhere- like you tend to espouse espouse. If Bundy's issue is so mitigated and murky for you- please let me know when the government is dragging Mother Teresa off to prison so that we can finally join forces.

There will never be a perfect, bright line Kenny. The government will always claim some wrong doing to justify their actions. Just like King George did when we refused to pay taxes.

The Feds backed down precisely because this was quickly turning into a shit show where various militia were turning up and doing exactly- what you have always claimed you would do. I have never made the claims you make- although Bundy's Ranch is only about 550 miles away and I'll be watching this week too.

wirecutter said...

So what exactly was the reason you didn't go? We're about the same distance from the place.
I don't recall me ever saying that I was "willing to join hands and battle for oppressed people everywhere" as you put it. Unlike a lot of people, I try to put a little thought into my actions before I jump off into anything. I did however state in the post that if needed, I would go. If asked (by the people that were there), I would go. If I felt I had something to contribute, I would go.
Sorry I disappointed you. How many other bloggers or Patriots have you condemned because they took the same action as you? Just me? If so, why? That's a rhetorical question so there's no real reason to answer.
You must be part of the Divide and Conquer plan the feds have, because I see nothing constructive from your criticism. Maybe it's just guilt because you weren't there either so you feel the need to smear others.

Anonymous said...

Nice and thought out post as usual concern is what happens next.... perhaps the "Feds" come back in real fashion and cause major disruption (the NWO is ramping up big time I feel). Sure isn't the same feeling that we grew up in anymore.....
Be safe....
North east friend..

Brian said...

I am not the one running my mouth all the time nor do I post 3% er stuff.

You posted your post precisely because other people- not just me- wanted to know why you didn't go. So clearly I am not the only one because I don't go to your site much anymore. I don't condemn anyone Kenny- I was simply disappointed because you have always acted as though you'd be there when the shtf and all I saw in your post was a bunch of excuses.

It boils down to this. You either put up or you shut up. You got called. Sorry, but that's the way I see it.

Brian said...

My fear isn't that they'll come back...they surely will...but who are we going to appeal to when they trample our rights? We know that the Supreme Court constantly sides against the hoi polloi in favor of the state. They haven't decided one issue in our favor for the past 100 years. People won't give a shit what the court has to say when the state tries to grab everything we own. That day fast approaches.

Anonymous said...

Been on vacation just catching up your last two posts which are stellar. Trying to explain why government needs to but the hell out to a person on the dole is pointless. TPTB want more folks and business on the dole so you will never ever see government contract willingly.or a fair tax passed which will neuter lobbiests congress and lawyers..

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

Actually, Texas does have a BLM problem: