Obama Tells Another Lie, Legacy Media Refuses to Publish the Truth Once Again

We don't have media in this country. We have state owned propaganda distributors.

Here's Obama lying about Syria a few months ago. It's almost like we knew it.



Marcus said…
It's easy to blame Obama, but the real culprits are the banksters and big businessmen behind him. He's just doing what they tell him to do.Yes, it would be nice if the politicians stopped selling "we the people" down the river and fulfilled their promises to look out for our interests (rather than dropping to their knees each and every time their puppet masters told them to), but that's not the way the world works. Obama is too easy a target.
Anonymous said…
Everyone in the media lies or obfuscates the truth. There is no true journalism in the U.S.
Just look at the lack of coverage concerning Fukushima and the amounts of radiation being poured into the Pacific Ocean. Of course the media is instructed not to report this information to the public. You don't to bring the seafood industry to a grinding halt. The theme continues, profits over people. The Cancer industry is a billion dollar a year business and is being fed by people ingesting poison thru the food supply. Just keep eating chemical foods and enjoy the commercials telling you to do so. The majority of the population have no clue they are being led to slaughter.

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