Monday, October 21, 2013

This Is What Is Wrong With America*Update With More Funny Stuff

I've been on the annual hunting trip to North Dakota. There have been some casualties in the pheasant world.

Today, I clipped this comment from a Huffington Post article. I clipped it because I think the writer was trying to be honest and genuine about Obamacare but it reveals far more about the thought process of Americans.

“My daughter signed up and starting 1/1/14 she will have a $2000 deductible 80% plan for under $200 a month. She had problems initially, i think she said it took 3 times. She is a new mom who wanted to finish college, had a baby during the start of her 3rd year. She lives with an aunt and the house hold amount made her ineligible for Medicaid. This is perfect. It may take some time to get signed up, but in the end at least in her case, very well worth it.”

I read this comment a couple of times. We have a young woman, not enrolled currently in college, who apparently decided to have a baby first. There is no mention of a father. Her income thresholds are so low that she can afford a gold plan for two people and pay less than 200 bucks for it.

Who plans their life this way? Or more precisely, who fails to plan their life this way?

The liberals love to tell the rest of us that our medical needs should not be borne by society- yet they have no problem at all burdening the rest of us with their poor planning and decision making.

Is there something wrong with going to college first and then after securing a decent income stream- having a baby?

We have a nation filled with people like this.

What makes this comment so prescient is that the writer seems completely oblivious to the possibility that all of these poor decisions are solely their responsibility. Not only that- but they seem to think they are entitled to healthcare at a vastly reduced cost- as long as you pay.


You'll like this video. It is a Mark Dice vid asking people to endorse Karl Marx for President. Very funny.


Anonymous said...

There is an employee here with 8 children... because of eight children he receives medicaid. You sitting down our copay is 5%! $5,000 out of pocket max. To your point why the fuck should we pay for his choices?

Brian said...

I am just a touch more tolerant for people who had kids prior to healthcare costs going completely bat shit crazy. Your comment raises a boatload of questions for me- but to the point- I get it. Those of us making good decisions are getting our asses kicked by those who aren't.

Welfare. Entitled.

Anonymous said...

Liberalism is some form of mental illness. I truly fucking believe that. How else to explain a mindset which says "I have all the goddamned rights and entitlements in the world while everyone else has responsibilities, including the responsibility to pay for my shitty life choices." How the fuck does that work? If everyone has rights but no one has responsibilities, how do these progressive thinking idiots expect the stable or cohesive society they're always pissing and moaning about? Are they on drugs? Are they fucking deluded? I think so. Fucking idiots.

Godamn you run a good blog here, Brian. A man can let loose without having to look over his shoulder to make sure some candy-assed liberal isn't offended (fuck 'em anyway, and if my "fuck them" attitude offends them, fuck 'em again).