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Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Usual Suspects- The Sunday Collage

I keep getting an uneasy feeling. Like the bottom of my grocery bag is about to fall out.

For nearly two and a half years, Syria has been waging a civil war. Over 100,000 people have been killed.

Why do you suppose that suddenly, someone, decided it was time to use lethal gas?  Doesn't that seem a little strange to you? The United States has been backing the rebel side since June. There is also some evidence that the rebels mishandled the gas, supplied by Saudi Arabia.

After the gas attack, the United States adamantly claimed that the gas had been used by the Syrian government in some matter of fact fashion. Like it was 100% certain. When other governments and the U.N. demanded proof that the Syrian government was responsible, suddenly the phraseology changed.

I think our government is full of shit.

This is the same government that told us Benghazi was caused as the result of some felon videographer who recorded some anti-Islam videos on You Tube. That was proven false. Nobody from the administration has ever accepted responsibility for that bald faced lie which Shrillary and Susan Rice echoed to all of us for days. Obama has never offered an explanation for his 8 hour disappearance that evening.

John, "I'm against war but now I am for war" Kerry was running around campaigning for the Syrian war. Obama nearly raced into this new war but even his liberal base is angry at him. To save face, Obama is punting the matter to Congress.

My favorite line of all this was the one uttered by Vlad Putin. He said, if Obama can prove that the Syrian government had used gas- then produce the evidence.

In formulating intent, who had the greatest motive to use gas?

How about a government that we have already caught lying to us as recently as Benghazi?

A government that has refused to turn over Fast and Furious documents, has spied on reporters, used the IRS to punish their perceived enemies, lied about NSA surveillance, and then lied about Benghazi.

Are you going to believe them... because you see, I simply cannot. Our government is filled with proven liars. They have no credibility with me. None.

In the next month, millions of uninsured and non paying patients are about to descend onto the greatest social experiment ever undertaken, Obamacare. In addition to that, the FED is supposed to begin tapering down their mortgage and bond purchases. There are two other big things about to happen. Obama is going to announce Larry Summers to head the FED and Larry will be an unpopular choice. We will also have another installment of "debt ceiling" drama.

So I expect Congress to bail Obama out. Beyond that, the September-October timeframe just doesn't offer much in the way of optimistic news.

I am amazed that so many people still trust this government. When a dispute arises over who used gas to kill people- I immediately think CIA or rebel forces. Who stood the most to gain? The Syrian government? They had two and a half years to use gas. But the Syrian rebels, backed by the US government, might get direct involvement if they used gas. That might swing the fortunes of war. To a lesser degree, I can't rule out Saudi or other sympathetic forces and in third place, the CIA. Really.
They'd just have to make sure that nobody could walk it back and prove they were responsible. They are after all, spies.

A few months ago, I was working with a kid who lacked self esteem. I told him the easiest way to gain self esteem was to start engaging in some esteemable acts. For a deceptive government that lies with impunity and thinks nothing of it, the easiest way to gain some integrity would be to try and tell the truth once in awhile. Until they do that- this government will remain near the top of my suspect list every time something in the world goes awry. I'll take Ed Snowden all day long over this crew and I damn sure would love to hear the truth about Seal Team 6's Chinook helicopter crash.

It took them over a year to tell the truth about Pat Tillman.

So you'll just have to forgive me if I don't sign up with our government and their absolute lack of integrity. They might be innocent in any given situation but they've been caught lying enough that in my mind- they are guilty until proven innocent.

If the US government is involved- carry your grocery bags with both hands.



Anonymous said...

The dollar is dying. Our economy is in the toilet. The powers to be need a major diversion to deflect the ineptitude of our leaders. Once this war starts all kinds of adjuct events will occur in America, none of them good. These events will most likely be false flags. Martial law will be put into place "for our safety". If Russia and China decide to hurt America for the war atocities it will be financially. Then the bank holidays begin and the shit hits the fan. The chinese and Russians know what America is attempting to do. The chinese and Russians in particular want to remain soverigin nations without Western influence. The gas pipeline that the Saudis want to run thru Syria into the Medertarain is also something Russia/Putin does not want to see happen due to his gas business/monopoly,selling Natural Gas to Europe. The bottom line is that The Powers To Be have a currency crisis and do not want Russia or China to become any stronger then they already are. The Powers To Be want to have there banking systems in both country. Russia/Putin has already told the Western Bankers to fuck off. As long as China and Russia have resources and a market to sell to, the emergance of the East will happen. This whole episode is the last gasp of a dying currency and a dying nation.

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

What do The Powers That Be (TPTB) want? Do they want to accellerate the dollar's collapse or do they want to postpone it? Chaos in the Middle East could serve either case. As the chaos spreads further into Iraq and eventually into the Arabian Penninsula, the free flow of oil from the region will be impaired and the price of oil will head for $200 per barrel or more. TPTB can either sit back and let the dollar collapse and watch hyperinflation run its coursw or, they can order their puppet in the Oval Office to declare "energy" a national security issue. In the later option, the USG would open up federal lands to oil and gas development, they would order California to allow development of the Monteray deposit (two or three times bigger than the Balken deposit in North Dakota) and the would approve the Keystone Pipeline. The USG would ecourage (force) Americans to convert their cars and trucks to operate on natural gas. Soon the US would be a major exporter of oil, coal, and LNG. Energy costs in the US would be the lowest in the worla and manufacturing companies would flock back to the good ol'USA. The bigger fools would keep buy US Bonds and propping up the dollar for as long as the Sunnis and the Shites keep killing each other; perhaps two or three decades.

Anonymous said...

Jim, just one veriable missing in your equation. Time.

blurred said...

This is a good post Brian.

It's incredible that Obama can just jump to the conclusion that the Syrian government is responsible for the use of chemical weapons. I don't think he did it out of ignorance, but simply thought throwing it out there would be enough of an excuse for the American sheople to buy it without investigating the facts (or lack of facts)for themselves.
This is just another war centered around the big picture, which is Israel....which of course ties in Iran and the rest of the countries in the region.

Israel was and is the dumbest idea of all time.....but I regress...

I wonder how much and if Putin's anti-gay stance and the upcoming Olympic games in Sochi play a part in Obama's decision making progress. Russians and Syrians being allies could make for a remarkably awkward Olympics.

I guarantee Americans as a majority will not allow a Syrian attack without a MAJOR backlash.

Obama fucked up on this one.

Marcus said...

You want the truth from your government? The solution is as simple as taking whatever they tell you and then flipping it around 180 degrees. That's your truth, or as close as you'll ever come to the truth.

Brian said...

Funny you mention this. Right after the gas attack, I immediately though CIA helping rebels because I subscribe to the same logic. Whatever the government tells us- believe the exact opposite

Anonymous said...

The sudden URGENCY is the mystery? Wonder why the elitists want this done ASAP? Let's hope Assange can sniff it out.

Saw this (very, very bizzarre times):