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Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Moment of Pure Genius

I may have to end this blog right here because of something that happened to me this week.

I think most of us have a few moments in our lives- moments when we are completely baffled by a problem. Suddenly a moment of clarity or a solution appears and we are shocked by the obvious. We wonder why something so simple- took us years to figure out.

For just a brief moment in time, we feel the joy of having solved a giant problem or of discovering some concealed truth. It is an "aha!" moment. A moment when pure genius strikes us suddenly and then quickly leaves- hibernating until it re-appears at some future time. In my case, about once every ten years. If that often.

My ten years must have been up this week.

Earlier in the week, I had engaged in one of those flame wars with a liberal on Huffpo. I get so sick and tired of their partisan bullshit and hatred for conservatives- when I know their party is every bit as bad. The subject of our back and forth is not important. What is important is that I am completely baffled by this back and forth head bashing without end. What is the underlying problem? Why is everyone so entrenched in their faulty positions and politics? I began to mull this over and to look for the source, the underlying illness when it hit me.

In the early 1900's, a group of private, international bankers hatched and carried out a plan to form a central bank while secretly meeting on Jekyll Island, Georgia. Eventually their  measure passed both houses on Christmas Eve, 1913, when many members of Congress had left for the holiday. Woodrow Wilson signed the legislation and thus created the Federal Reserve Bank. Wilson called it the biggest mistake of his life. Wilson was right.

Now all of this information is pretty well documented and available even for the biggest skeptic- but the real question is- why is the Federal Reserve Bank necessary? Prior to 1913 we survived just fine, sans those banker created bank panics of the late 1800's spawned by the same men who carved out the Federal Reserve Bank Act on Jekyll Island.

The Federal Reserve Bank is necessary because Congress desperately needs an unlimited funding mechanism that bypasses voters.

What does Congress do? Congress creates and passes projects and laws. Somebody has to pay for that stuff. Now you can't keep coming to the American taxpayer year after year, begging for permission to subsidize things like the American Wool Growers Association. Americans won't pay for these minority concerns and pork barrel projects. Taxpayers would say no or maybe even throw the bums out. So Congress invented a way to bypass citizens.

They invented the Federal Reserve Bank. That way, Congress has an unlimited checking account and an unlimited line of credit. What they don't have to do- is ask American taxpayers for budgetary permission nor do they have to worry about American taxpayers getting angry and voting them out of office. Congress simply spends money they don't have, the Federal Reserve finances it by issuing treasury debt, and the American taxpayer gets stuck with the bill.

The Federal Reserve Bank was created so that politicians or government, could borrow as much money as they needed without EVER asking our taxpaying citizens for permission.

The Federal Reserve was born and sold to us a panacea to smooth out all those panics of the early 1900's. In 16 short years, the Fed gave us the Great Depression- an event far worse than any bank run.

We should have eliminated the Fed right then and there.

Without citizen stewardship or budgetary input or oversight, American citizens or taxpayers or voters were effectively marginalized. We were no longer in charge of our government. Government was no longer constrained by it's citizens. They could spend as much as they liked without repercussion. They were free to redistribute wealth anyway they saw fit by drawing on that unlimited line of credit and forcing you to pay for it. You could not vote them out of office and even if you did, the new ones were apt to be just as bad as the old ones. It's the system that is flawed- yet we argue about the symptoms.

The underlying problem has always been the Federal Reserve Bank.

That was my moment of clarity, of pure genius. That's why we fight. We think we hate the other guy's politics. We hate his spending. We blame him for all of that inflation, lost purchasing power, four dollar gas, crappy wages. We think we hate his social programs, his wars, his lies, and all of that debt. Trillions to bankers, sequester, debt ceiling hikes. All of that financial chaos is directly attributable to the unelected Federal Reserve which enables our unaccountable politicians to literally steal taxpayers blind. Yet, we ignore the real problem- the Federal Reserve- and instead fight some imagined enemy which is either the GOP or the Democrats.

I probably won't stop writing but I'll tell you this-

The Federal Reserve Bank and it's never ending debt creation is responsible for virtually all of our problems. God could not design a better distraction than partisan politics. Politics is simply one of the symptoms of this disease. Some day if we are to survive, real political reform and accountability in this country will come at the cost of eliminating the Federal Reserve Bank. That is job one. I am sure of it.



Anonymous said...

THIS is why I read your blog! Clarity, commonsense and a dollop of humor. You are genius.

Anonymous said...

Good luck explaining that to our "low informed" punlic let alone the intentional uninformed that you find at HuffPo. The banker's scheme seem work okay after WWII when people were afforded credit to buy homes and then cars. Then came the credit cards. We were all leaving beyond our means and happy as peas in a pod. We were paying back the bamks with inflated dollars and for the most part our wagges kept up with or grew faster than inflation. The good times ended about 13 years ago. Real wages are declining. but no one wants to stop living the "good times". We keep asking ourselves: When will Americans wake-up? Does anyone really believe that the 700,000 souls still in Detroit have learned their lesson and will now only elect conservatives to city government? Not a chamce! The only thing America has going for it now ist that the rest of the developed countries are in worse shape than we are. Woopie!

Brian said...

True of course, I mean the first comment. Thank you, btw...

It is insanity. If you know unlimited borrowing is destroying your entire culture and civilization- and I don't think I am being over dramatic here- wouldn't you think we could find the source and stop it?

This way of life, this faulty belief is so ingrained in us, that we can't even find a way out. We either take dramatic steps to end the FED or our way of life is destroyed. I think that's the starting point. The more I think about Jim, the whole fractional lending- debt driven system is our core problem. The symptom of our frustration with the Fed is politics.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think more and more people are getting off the grid ? Starve the beast and the beast will die. Oh, this response was sent from an internet cafe. I enjoy your blog and have been off the grid since '09.

Always On Watch said...

Exactly so, Brian.

The Federal Reserve has put the middle class on the road of serfdom.

Marcus said...

So what else is new, Brian? The whole history of civilization has always been, is, and will always be, the exploitation of the masses by a tiny elite. Throw in some divide and conquer politics (based on politics, religion, race, gender, etc.) so that we, the slaves, are at each others throats, and things look pretty good for those sitting on top of the heap. Is not a debt based, fractional reserve banking system a wonderful thing? How stupendous it must be for those at the top to create "money" from nothing, lend it to us, and then charge us interest for the privilege of having borrowed it, interest which can only be repaid by going deeper into debt. Man oh man, what a set-up.

Regarding the liberal idiots at Huffpo, don't take it personally. They cannot exceed the limitations of their programming (meaning they're incapable of critical, independent thought) in the same way that a Chevette cannot exceed the limitations of its engineering (meaning it won't do zero to sixty in 2.5 seconds, unless you dump it off a cliff).

Brian said...

Marcus you are a welcome sight.

I have never seen so many idiots in my life- most of whom claim to be college educated.

The one thing I note at Huffpo which is absolutely insane, is that many of the readers have climbed into bed with president Five Iron. If you criticize anything Obama does, they attack like mangy dogs. I have never seen anyone- so rigorously defended as Obama is. They attack you personally.

You can't have a discussion about all of his missing documents, all of his "phony" scandals, or anything else having the slightest bit to do with his job performance before the rabid dogs go on the attack.

But I do it anyway. Fuck em. Thanks for stopping by.