Saturday, July 13, 2013

Surgery Prices Posted On Line- Directly From Surgery Center of Oklahoma

For 40 years, I have been waiting for the medical industry to start actually pricing their services.

Why this has not been done until now is one of the greatest price fixing, mysteries of all time. I have contacted this Oklahoma clinic to have a meniscal tear fixed in my left knee. The price is about 4000.00 bucks. In Idaho- it would be triple that.

In fact, for procedures in this price range, you are better off to consider leaving the country and having it done somewhere in Europe.

American health care providers have finally priced themselves out of the market. Check this chart out! Maybe I will just go to Canada instead.

Here then, are the surgery prices offered by the surgery center of Oklahoma and a direct link to their site.

This is not a bad time of the year to travel. Hell, I think I will drive and cheat the airlines and government out of their atrocious fees as well.

Anyone want to go? I'll buy the gas!

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