Monday, July 22, 2013

Bernanke Admits Obvious Truth, He Has No QE Exit Plan

Welcome to the great lie. Healthy markets.

Markets don't react to fundamental economics anymore.

This morning, amidst McDonald's revenue miss, a slump and huge miss in home sales just prior to interest rates backing up, the DJIA is up 31 points as I write this to 15, 574.

Why? The FED cannot stop QE. There is no exit plan. Just the hint of tapering QE down a couple of weeks ago sent stocks plummeting. Obama's administration would be in ruins- right at that moment in time when Obamacare is set to begin.

Here's a clip I first viewed at the Daily Paul. Bernanke admits the economy would "tank" without QE. It now appears QE is here to stay at least until the 2016 elections where politics might dictate hamstringing the new administration.

The great lie continues. For at least a couple more years.


Anonymous said...

If all this shit were not so sad it would be funny. Just watched this Crosstalk episode on RT. One of the guests who represents the American Society Of Science or some sort of bullshit, said that in order to help the U.S. and the world, population reduction is needed. The really freaky thing is the guy starts talking black swan events that could incorporate a nuclear attack and create a food shortage due to supply disruption. That would effectivly reduce the population. I know this sounds parinoid but is this guy tipping a hand here or what ? Here is the link: Titled "Third World America"

Anonymous said...

The economies of China, India, and Brazil are slowing way down. The Euro Zone and Japan are in recession if not depression. There is some advantage to being the best of the worost: demand for our bonds is still strong.