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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Irony, Justice Coming On Swift Wings- The Sunday Collage

You want to know the pure definition of irony?

Irony occurs when the greatest spy nation of all time, charges one of it's own spies, for releasing secrets directly related to the extent of their spying. 

This week the government that brought you the Patriot Act, worldwide eavesdropping, bugs designed to destroy computer networks, the capability to intercept anything you do or send on a computer or phone including GPS which is able to track your movements, places cameras in public venues, embeds microprocessors in your passport, operates drone aircraft able to photograph a mole on you ass from 4 miles away, and a hierarchy that has the power to shut down every means of communication available to you if it feels threatened, has charged Edward Snowden with espionage.

That is some rich shit, indeed.

In a world turned completely upside down, where the cowards and traitors of Congress, point fingers at Ed Snowden and tell us that somehow his telling the truth is treason and that their own lying and stealing trillions from the American taxpayer and giving it to bankers is virtuous and patriotic. Who are you going to believe? What is the litmus test? 

Edward Snowden told the truth. Nobody is charging him with lying. Ed Snowden embarrassed that culture of criminals and ne'er do wells that inhabit D.C. He exposed the extent to which government can pry into our lives while ignoring the Constitution. He embarrassed all of the Congressmen and women who really don't give a shit what government does so long as they get theirs. The only time they get angry is when some government contractor kid exposes their shitty oversight and work habits- which of course jeopardizes their ability to win re-election.

That's what this is really all about. 

The sycophants are out in force. The government stooges and statists, carrying our corrupt governments' water for them, are telling us how Ed Snowden had no right to do what he did. He was supposed to go through "proper channels" by telling the same worthless bastards in Congress that allowed all of this to happen in the first place- what was happening. 

They would have buried that information along with Snowden. His information would have been discredited, his life ruined. Snowden was smart enough to know all of that. You know what really pisses them off? Snowden has outsmarted them. Some punk kid, sans an Ivy league law degree, has made them look like the ineffective boozehounds that they are. How much does Snowden know? What if he listened in on a few of their conversations, maybe grabbed an email here or there? Oh the possibilities...

Snowden is who he says he is. A patriot. I'll take what little I know of him over that pile of garbage in D.C. any day of the week. If Edward Snowden represents pure irony, then the young voters who voted for Obama in the 2012 election are about to receive some pure justice.

For years I've been saying that the job losses of 2008, catapulted our country into a complete health care melt down. Young, healthy people lost millions of jobs with benefits and they quit spending money, money they didn't have anyway, on healthcare or COBRA. With the loss of billions of dollars in premiums, the insurance and health care oligarchies went into panic mode. Their margins were getting crushed and they ratcheted existing member premiums through the roof.

The only way to get all of that lost money back in- was to shove healthy people back into the health care system via the force of law- so that they could subsidize the costs of the unhealthy and improve profit margins. That is all that Obamacare boils down to- a law that compels and takes money from the young and healthy- and delivers it to the healthcare oligarchy on behalf of the elderly and sick.

The entire left hemisphere has bought into the ridiculous notion that the ACA is some benevolent program devised by their loving government to help them. I absolutely giggle at the naivete' of people who believe things like that. It's always about money. If you don't give it to them voluntarily, they'll just pass a law and take it from you anyway.

So here's the justice part. The same people who re-elected Obama in 2012 after the ACA was passed are now going to have to pay the premiums for Obamacare. I read a story this week that said the average 25 year old pays about 800 bucks a year for healthcare right now. Under Obamacare, those making 40,000 a year are going to be asked to pay premiums totaling 5000.00 per year. (silver, gold plans)

So the same demographic that voted for this buffoonery is the same demographic that will have to pay for it. Now that might be some measure of justice but it gets better...

Young people are not going to buy in. Why? Because the penalties are far cheaper than the worthless coverage. Here's the best part. Young people won't have to buy it at all...until they get sick! Remember that pre-existing clause? There is literally nothing stopping anybody from not purchasing health insurance until they actually get sick. Which is precisely what I would do.

Should young people buy in? No. That's what this article says. This article makes two excellent points. There are SIXTY pages of questions to sign up for Obamacare. Wow. Welcome to government. This article also give an example of a 27 year old, making 30 grand a year and having to pay 300 a month for Obamacare. That is the basic plan. The "you almost don't have insurance" bronze plan. I hate it when articles don't identify costs by plan. The silver or gold plan would cost more. I don't think people will take the bronze plan. The out of pocket expenses render it almost useless.

So in addition to the young Obama voting demographic being on the hook for this mess- giving far more in premiums than they will be receiving- I really don't think they'll buy in. I am referring to those people making a decent wage.  The people making 20 grand or less will get their healthcare for free essentially. So they'll sign up. This will ultimately cause an even bigger problem than the one they sought to avoid. Health care costs will shoot through the roof some more as the pent up demand of that class of people who previously had no health care receives attention- while the people making a livable wage continue to opt out only until they get seriously ill and at that point opt in and add to our systemic losses.

The healthcare industry needs sweeping reform from top to bottom. The ACA will be a financial disaster. Not for political reasons. It just won't work. People are broke. They can't afford this. Nobody is going to make a payment the size of a house payment for something they will very likely not need for 30 years. Maybe we needed the ACA for all of the wrong reasons. Maybe it will lead to a serious effort to reform a bloated, thieving industry, where virtually every player is gouging the American public for the absolute maximum amount of money. If a catastrophic failure occurs with the ACA, perhaps that will lead to intelligent reform. The unintended consequences of bad legislation may actually lead to something much more palatable or cost effective.

Edward Snowden never stole a dime from me. He has never lied to me.
The traitors in Congress sold our country out long ago. It started with the bankers in 2008.

The people in this country are broke. The ACA fixes nothing. It just steals more money from the haves and redistributes it to the have nots. The system is coming apart at the seams and the ACA is no fix. Not even short term.

We have a real problem in this country. We cannot tell the true from the false. The brave men are labeled traitors, the traitors call themselves patriots. The Affordable Care Act is a lie. It is not affordable nor does it care who it hurts. It is simply a tax which forces in the young and healthy and takes their money.

I keep thinking people will get tired of being lied to. But not yet. Justice has a way of settling these things. I hope it doesn't take too long.

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Anonymous said...

Brian, just for fun checkout this conspiracy theory that Snowden was an Obama plant. It it is true, we are in much worse trouble than we thought.