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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Sunday Collage- Critical Mass Day

Friday was a glorious day. In fact and henceforth, I may refer to June 1 as critical mass day.

The economic numbers were wretched here and abroad. There was no spin. Those pointy head GE liberals on CNBC had to STFU. Their emperor it seems- had no clothes on.

That was the day, critical mass day, when the world got right again. That was the day when anybody with half a brain realized that we are facing a worldwide economic meltdown. Barack Obama, the black Jimmy Carter. Only Jimmy was a nice guy who didn't lie or talk nearly as much.

You know what cinched it for me? That ugly dog. I'm gonna say it right here on FG. Barack Obama has an ugly and useless dog. You've all been thinking it. There, I said it. A perfect fit.

They can't get away. You can't just whitewash the greatest fraud ever perpetuated. A world drowning in debt. A world where the crooks are in charge. That's the problem when you leave the crooks in charge. They steal your shit. On critical mass day, it was hard to ignore.

So with that horrible jobs report, oil and the DJIA went straight down. Again.  It now appears that China, that big beacon of economic freedom, can no longer contain their propaganda or spin their numbers poetic either. Their economy is tanking badly.  The buyers are broke-so it seems. 

Obama got out in front on critical mass day. Said some stupid shit about "better days ahead." Really. I saw it on my Samsung TV. Made somewhere else.

Better days happens when somebody with a real plan to re-install the rule of law in this country- gets elected. Better days arrives when someone with real courage prosecutes the crooks and restores justice for those of us who took one for the team. Better days arrives when someone realizes- these bankers really are a bunch of thieves. Better days arrives when GE actually pays taxes. But mostly, better days happens when someone can figure out what to do with that 16 trillion in debt and that other 100 trillion due and payable in the next 20 years.

That makes worse days a cinch you see- because you just can't escape the problem by ignoring it and wishing it away. Hope and change won't buy you a cup of coffee.

It's going to be an interesting summer.


Anonymous said...

"ugly dog" - hey that is insulting to moose umm meeshell - oh wait - I get it not - you were talking about the canine that lives there...............;-)

Anonymous said...

Western civilization (think Europe and the US) are approaching a forl in the road they have been trveling. One fork is a narrow rugged path up a steep mountain. The other fork is a super highway, all down hill. We reach the fork when the first domino starts to tilt (Spain or Italy). The bankster will come screaming that the sky is falling and the world will end unless the central banks monetize all the debt, which if they do lesds to the downhill super highway. The bankers being first in line will use all that funny money to buy anything of real value like commodities, far kabd, water rights, and etc. Then hyperinflation will set in and in time the bankers will offer to save the world with their New Order.
If, on the other hand, the heads of government arrest their central bankers and refuse to monetize the debt, that leads to the narrow up hill path. The EU will break up with each returning to their own currencey and each renouncing their sovereign debts. The US would reounce its sovereign debt and nolonger honor Federal Reserve notes; but would return to Treasury notes or Silver Certificate or some other hard currency. Western Cibilization would start over again.
Any bets on which fork will be taken?