Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Obamacare: Dead on Arrival

Nearly a year ago, I predicted Obamacare would get tossed out. I am still in that camp.

I was there long before the "experts."

I am not particularly interested in tooting my own horn and indeed, the decision has yet to be rendered. Instead I would like you to consider the absolute lunacy of this bill and the extreme damage it has caused.

Not only did health insurance costs completely skyrocket after passage of this bill- they will not come down a proportionate amount when Obamacare gets tossed. In fact, I don't expect insurance costs to come down at all.

Secondly, Obamacare and Obama in general, have absolutely frozen "would be" employers. You simply cannot run a business in an environment where the government is stealing every penny of your profit margin. Obama killed the entrepreneurial spirit of free enterprise. Why on earth would anybody want to take business risks knowing that your government was forcibly going to steal your profits to pay health insurance costs? Or ultimately tax you to a certain business death because of a skyrocketing national debt that sooner or later- someone is going to have to pay?  

Not to mention two other things. Not only will the administrative costs of Obamacare skyrocket and be wasted under government administration costs- but the costs of the mandated plans within Obamacare are wildly expensive. This is something nobody has talked about.

Here is an excellent example of what I am talking about. Government will steal from the healthy to pay for the unhealthy. Have you ever seen year over year health care premium increases of over 1000%? Click here.

Obama and Obamacare have been  a complete disaster for this country. That a body of people could pass such a horrendous law (without even reading it) is a testament to the emotional insanity of a citizen class desperate for real leadership- and never receiving any. 

This whole farce has been an utter waste of energy, time, and money. 

Obama and Obamacare were both dead on arrival in this country. If in fact it is true that the winners write the history books, I don't think the winners will smile kindly on the Obama years. All four of them.

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Anonymous said...

no major legislation should EVER pass without bipartisan support (at least more than one of the minority even!).

its pathetic. what is more pathetic is how mainstream media is now the fourth branch of government: PROPAGANDA

can you see the path we are on? universal healthcare (cornerstone), lying state run media, completely illegitimate presidency.