Thursday, March 24, 2011

Even Trump Calling For President Transparency's Transparency

President Obama talks a big game of transparency but he just doesn't bring one.

There are more things missing from Obama's life than the ones listed here.

I have been digging into Obama's life since the day I first heard his name. Everything about this guy is a mystery. I can't wait until he leaves and thus his days as an obstructionist will be numbered. Until then, we will all wonder why he throws like a girl, doesn't have a passport, or a childhood friend. Who paid for his education? Weird.


davecydell said...

Read an article some years ago, no link, that said what the USA does not need is a politically imbibed President, but a CEO.

Yep, it is either compete against other nations or open the borders, tear up the constitution, fire congress and surrender to the United Nations.

Recently I have become a Trump for President supporter. Yeah, he has done some weird things, but a least is isn't a Bubba, an Idiot or a Nobama.

PS: what happened to my up a buck in silver?

Anonymous said...


I think he already has surrendered to the UN and he lost his copy of the constitution.

Cheryl Pass said...

I'm with you on Trump...! We could do so much worse. I admire him greatly. I hope he can hold his courage...he certainly has stones that I don't see anywhere else.