Thursday, October 28, 2010

Barney Frank, The Face of Collapse

One of the chief architects of the economic collapse of this country is Representative Barney Frank.

I don't care that he is openly gay. I don't care that the cops come to his house and let him off the hook for possession of marijuana. Barney Frank is an extreme libtard and it was his policies and influence that brought an end to discipline and good business practices. That this piece of shit has tried to cover up his tracks by co-sponsoring that banking reform bill makes me sick to my stomach. This is who bankrolls him. Scroll back if you wish- to prior elections.

Frank absolutely owns the collapse and 6 trillion dollar liability of Fannie and Freddie.

Barney Frank is the epitome of elitism. A career politician who has gained far too much political influence. I don't care about his home district pork barrel projects. This self serving POS has been using banking interests to bankroll his election campaigns. He is an arrogant little snob. It pains me greatly to know that we have to fund his retirement. More on him here.

Election races, such as Frank's, actually become national elections. That's what happens when somebody like Frank gains far too much influence. If he had just plunged his district into the abyss I wouldn't care so much...that he dragged all of us into the abyss is unforgivable.

Here's a big thank you to mother nature for gelding him. Divine providence. Here's a snip from the article.  "He'll never quit," said Whalen. "He'll be taken out of the Capitol on a slab."

I will carry that slab personally to any place on the globe. Thankfully.

Here's hoping that they send his ass packing. I am going to don my tin foil hat and try to channel positive energy to Massachusetts voters and Sean Bielat. On Tuesday night, you can damn sure bet, I'll be watching those folks in Massachusetts. If there is any justice in this world, may it be delivered in a landslide Tuesday night.


Anonymous said...

Amen! The S:O:B: belongs in jail.

Did you see the Rasmussen poll today. 65% of likely voters would, if they had the option, vote to dump the whole congress and start over again. Now that's a pleasant thought. At any rate that should clarify for the Left where the Tea Parties are coming from.

Brian said...

Frank was instrumental in arm twisting lenders into making subprime loans. I had an excellent piece on the shenanigans he did but I couldnt find it in my bookmarks.

I did not see that poll, Fire. But I am sure gonna go look for it now! Thanks...

torabora said...

Ditto' should be an imprisonable offense to sponser legislation that doesn't have a funding mechanism. If the mechanism fails....the legislator goes to prison anyway, whether in office or not. They stay in prison forever or the bill is paid.

Brian said...


Bill Black has spoken at great lengths that these banksters should be in different than the S and L crisis. I "you tube" him quite a bit. He calls it control fraud. I agree with the prison or pay it back theme as well...thanks