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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Senator Chris Dodd, Just Another Innocent Victim

Forgive me. Big news day. Coming in waves.

You have to love a guy that knows how to spend trillions of your dollars, a self styled banking expert saving the planet from financial Armageddon, yet he doesn't know the slightest thing about the Countrywide VIP program? Whether or not he is getting a special rate or terms, when getting his own mortgage?

So which way do you want to spin this, Chris? You are a genius when bailing out banks with TARP yet you are an absent minded and drooling idiot when it comes to spending your own money? Which is it Chris? Are you a genius, idiot, or victim?

There aren't many people I despise more than Christopher Dodd. The drunken lout and girlfriend killing antics of Teddy Kennedy rated high. Maybe. Blarney Frank, a giant weiner that is full of shit as that name implies, who while in attendance during a pot raid just prior to the elections somehow managed to stay out of the "media"-and my number one self serving miscreant, Hammering Hank Paulson. Queen of the self serving and greedy elite. But the soup du jour we serve today is...

Sen. Chris Dodd, banking chair. Let's take a look at his latest Frankenstein creation. A whole new regulatory agency and bureaucracy to do the job that other bureaucracies failed to do. See this piece of work here:

Now let's look at Chris Dodd's campaign contributors courtesy of Open Secrets. It looks like a who's who of every banking giant in the U.S. Dodd, a co-conspirator of that TARP masterpiece, is bought and paid for by banks. See it here:

So ok, how does Dodd conduct his personal life? Well he gets cozy with one of the biggest mortgage crooks, Angelo Mozilo, of bankrupt Countrywide fame. Then Dodd feigns stupidity on Angelo's private little lending program. Interestingly enough, they focused on the mortgage rate rather than the other terms of the note. No mention of the 200,000 dollar Irish cottage that Dodd bought from a crooked pal, when neighboring comps on the Emerald Isle were selling for 800 to 900k. Chris you are simply a peach.

View this poor victim Dodd here;

The investigation is completed. He was cleared! You can bet that was a "thorough" investigation. By who? Kind of reminds me of that OJ verdict. See it here:

Interestingly enough, there is no mention of the deal Dodd got on his Irish cottage. Seems no mention of that anywhere in the great ethics investigation. See it here:

A year later, a TARP opinion.

So now, Dodd is trying to rehabilitate his image in the face of next years election by introducing this wasteful propaganda. All that was missing was a tear or two running down his cheek. How about about a simple redux of the Glass Steagall act and the other laws you deconstructed that allowed this whole fiasco to unravel in the first place? That would be too cheap and effective.

Chris Dodd, one of Frankenstein's finest. Is Dodd guilty? Well if you quack like a duck, walk like a duck, have webbed feet and a just might be a duck. Even if a group of your pals tells us you are not really a duck.

Dodd has a cottage waiting in Ireland. Go in peace. The Irish might not let him in.

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CompleatPatriot said...

I've done the family tree on this Dodd family, Christopher Dodds Grandfather is Joseph Stalin. As well his father is responsible for the 1968 Gun Control Act, which he conveniently picked up at Nuremberg during those fake trials, which kept every body looking the wrong way then to, just like today, and all those Nazi Scientists were smuggled into America and given positions in out CIA, and other agencies.. What a smashing Idea !! Known as the paper clip files.. Dodd is a Nazi.. Gosh I just love repetitions don't you ? Nothing like historical consistency..
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