Monday, November 16, 2009

Boise Bum Barometer

They say you can gauge the health and wealth of a nation by how well it cares for its poor. Maybe Ghandi said that- I'll have to look it up later.

I counted nine bums on Boise street corners today. Corners that were previously uninhabited. I had the misfortune to get behind one of those bums straddling an island in a left turn lane. The lead car decided to go for his wallet as the arrow turned green. The bum got some currency for his efforts. We missed the light. I almost felt as though I had contributed.

The bums all carry placards conveying a message. One said "family of five." One said "Army veteran."

A river of down and out people who even if they could clean up, it is highly doubtful that they could be competitive at any level in today's rosy job market.

Thankfully, the recession is over.

Here's the worst part. That bum with the Army veteran hat has done more for me than the President. And if I were given a choice of who to hand that paycheck to, well let's just say...I know I would hand it to the most deserving party. And friends. Knowing more are coming.

A glimpse of the future. You'll love this. Frankenstein Government California style. "Hey, we're not just going to steal your money, but there's not a damn thing you can do about it! Now run along losers, go home and watch tv."

I know a lot of folks from California...this might effect their revenue streams just a tad...

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Alan said...

I first get the impression liberals can't think; and then they prove it. My word, brian. If this is what life has come to for these folks, it may be time to wall them in and lock the gates.

And DON'T use that Four-letter-word(work) in front of My friends!