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Saturday, September 25, 2021

The Iver Express

 It reminds me of the movie called the "Dallas Buyer's Club."

The most effective and safe treatment for covid is Ivermectin. It literally cured and wiped out covid in Uttar Pradesh in 6 weeks. Yet, here in America all talk of Ivermectin is blacked out. If you see it mentioned, it will be by some large media source and it will always be derogatory.

My opinion at this point is that the handful of billionaires that own big media also own big pharma. They have been paying off our Congressmen for years. So between the media blackout, the billions that big pharma stands to gain from emergency use authorizations for "vaccines- a term I use loosely, and the government's complicity from being co-opted we have this three headed hydra. The hydra doesn't give jack shit about your health. They want you sick. They make money that way.

I first discovered Ivermectin on a page in a South American health journal in late 2020. I did a lot of research because Ivermectin was relatively new. It looked like it worked pretty well fighting covid. Not only that, it had been around 50 years, it was safe, and cheap. It cures everything from rosacea to cancer. A wonder drug. It was a true turd in big pharma's punchbowl. (Since then I've easily read 200-300 articles and studies on Ivermectin)

By January of this year, I had convinced my doctor of this and obtained my first prescription. So did my doctor.

In February, I had two friends- one with horses- tell me he was just going to use horse ivermectin. No prescription, no arguing with doctors, just grab a tube at the local feed store. About 7 bucks.

So I studied up on that. My doctor wasn't too keen but after studying the Ivermectin doses and the 98% remaining delivery agents that I believed were safe- I bought my first tube of Ivermectin at a local farm store. It was the only one left on the shelf.

Here's the real problem- most doctors don't know shit about Ivermectin and nearly all hospitals refuse to use it for covid. If clearing those two obstacles weren't difficult enough- Walgreen's and CVS have reportedly refused to fill prescriptions for Ivermectin. So people just keep dying and nobody seems to give a shit and now we find pharmacies getting between patients and their doctors. This started to worry us- what if they took Ivermectin right off pharmacy shelves?

Then I began noticing that the farm stores started putting up these bullshit warnings about Ivermectin and in some cases, they took it off the shelves. Here's a gal that addresses that nonsense quite well.

Thus, the Iver Express headed for Montana. We found horse ivermectin for 6 bucks a tube. I bought ten tubes in two different stores. I should have bought more.

On Wednesday night, I started to feel sick. My wife had already been sick with covid symptoms. My temperature was going up. I took a dose of Ivermectin from one of the tubes. Then I discovered a friend of mine with covid had not received some Ivermectin I had arranged for him. He was one week along and so debilitated he could not drive. I woke up the next morning feeling a little weak so I took another dose of horse iver. Then I made the 320 mile round trip, delivered two tubes, came home and went straight to bed. 

Yesterday, I got up feeling pretty weak. I took another dose of Ivermectin and about an hour later I was feeling pretty good. Thus I began our 540 mile trek home. I was pretty wiped out last night.

This morning, I felt a little better and I just took another dose. So here I am on Day 4 feeling pretty good, maybe 8 out of 10. 

When is comes to the safety and efficacy of Ivermectin- there is simply no comparison with big pharma's "vaccines" which do not vaccinate.

I am reminded of this timeless quote.

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer