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Sunday, August 29, 2021

A Simple Users Guide on How Not To Get Covid

 The only year I ever got the flu was the year I signed up for and received a free flu shot paid for by my employer. So, that was a one and done operation. No more of that shit. 

For the past 18 months, and virtually every day during that time, my wife and I have managed not to get covid. We have gone everywhere, from stores to restaurants to state and national parks. We have been in casinos for hours on end perhaps three days a week. Touching counter tops, touching slot machines, watching people blow a cloud of smoke on us. We have been camping for 7 weeks total- in close proximity to other campers. We have gone out to eat at least 100 times in that 500 day total. We have had hernia operations, tooth extractions, gone grocery shopping a couple days a week, handled gas pumps and shopping carts. 

Not to mention hugging family members. Many of them.

Still no covid. So how did we manage?

First off, if you look at the raw numbers, only about 10% of the population have gotten covid. That means 90% of us haven't been exposed to it. So math is on our side.

Secondly, we have socially distanced ourselves from strangers. That's right. We expect our family members to be covid free and socially responsible about telling us. That doesn't mean we couldn't get it that way- we just believe the chances are greatly reduced. So we allow family into our personal space. We wash our hands frequently, at least four or five times a day. 

That's it. If we were really worried about covid- We'd simply stay home but the truth is- we have about two years worth of history to draw on. For the vast majority of us- covid isn't much more than a shitty version of the flu which we won't likely get but if we do- we can mitigate that as well.

During this crisis, I was determined not to take a shot or vaccine. I wasn't gonna fall for that shit again.

I navigate 100's of sites a week. I am a news junkie and I stay current on just about everything. Another thing I have going for me is that I have a healthy distrust of our corporate governance and co-opted Congress and President. I don't believe anything they say and I will tell you- this has worked very well for me.

I no longer believe America is in a credible leadership position with regard to anything including healthcare and our greedy penchant to sell worthless vaccines and try to keep everyone scared. If you wanna fall for that shit, that's up to you.

I stumbled onto a South American website where doctors had been prescribing Ivermectin with great success while treating covid. This kicked off a two week research trip capped by  Dr Pierre Kory's video testifying in front of the Senate which You Tube has since removed. You Tube, owned by Google, which is owned and governed by a who's who of greedy liberal billionaires and fear mongers.

During my dive down the Ivermectin rabbit hole, I realized this stuff worked. It essentially provides a barrier between a human cell and an invading parasite or virus. It worked well taken in advance or shortly after people developed covid symptoms. It was dirt cheap, had no side effects, and had been around for 50 years. India wiped out covid using Ivermectin but big pharma, big media, and big government don't want you to hear or read that. So it's been blacked out and badmouthed in the United States.

That's precisely how I knew it worked. 

If these billionaire pricks that run everything hate it so much- then it must work. If you find any talk of Ivermectin on the billionaire boys club media sites, it will always be derogatory. 100% of the time. Here's one link I book marked.

So here's what I've done not to get covid and the steps I've taken in case I do.

We socially distance strangers and hug our family. We wash our hands frequently. If we go to a Nevada casino- we wear some bullshit scarf to keep security away. Our state (Utah) is not requiring face coverings. Even the communist run Costco in nearby St George has finally thrown in the towel.

We take our temperatures every morning. We have a 60 tab total prescription of Ivermectin. We also went and bought some horse Ivermectin as a back up plan- the fear mongering really intensifies when you suggest taking that. Especially because the injectibles and the paste are absolutely dirt cheap. About 7 bucks at a farm store.

Here's a great piece on how to take the animal form of Ivermectin. I would only suggest this if you find yourself in an emergency situation where you have contracted symptoms or have a doctor that refuses to prescribe it. This is a kind of funny, no bullshit piece. 

Live your life. Fuck Fauci and our government which is owned by big pharma and big media. There are sound alternatives for dealing with covid without listening to the non stop fear mongering of the leftist lackeys who work for corporate America.