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Sunday, September 8, 2013

The 90 Day, Same As Cash War- The Sunday Collage

Our 90 day war, financed as usual, without a credit app.

This morning I just finished reading an excellent piece of writing on the Syrian war effort. It wasn't written by some obedient media lackey. It was written by a real person with critical thinking skills and...

It was written by a patriot, Norma Brown. Norma Brown shares the sentiments of most of us on this Syrian war bullshit.  I am going to link that piece here via my good friend Jim's blog, Asylum Watch.

Oddly, Norma entitled it "Dying For Peace"

Norma's piece caused me to reflect on something I had witnessed long ago. It's a true story from my childhood which was well documented by hundreds of people and passed down to us as children and in turn accepted as fact. The facts support it.

Turn of the century (1900) Butte, Montana was a very rough and tumble mining town. It was dubbed the "Richest Hill On Earth." The rights to mine that "hill" were eventually sold by their respective claim  owners to three "Copper Kings." The copper kings made vast fortunes in Butte. Eventually as they died out, they sold their mining interests to the Anaconda Copper Mining Company or just the "Company" as everybody in Butte referred to it. The "Company" was the subject of at least one conversation per day, every day, that I ever lived in Butte. That's how I remember it. The "Company"was a very dominant part of our lives.

While we knew the "Company" controlled the mine and thus thousands of miners- what many people failed to understand is that the "Company" had become the original Montana media monopoly. They owned every newspaper in every major city in Montana at one time.

The Company's tentacles stretched everywhere. Television, radio, and print media outlets were bought or controlled by the Company. The Company clearly understood that if you owned and controlled the  means of communication, then not only could you advance your mining interests ad nauseum- but you also had the means of publicly ruining anybody who opposed your efforts.

If you can hijack and control the media- you can control the conversation and crush your enemies- and dumb down your regular readership by feeding them whatever fluff you choose. So media capture was not some impossible or unprecedented event. Capitalists have been doing it for centuries.

So the Anaconda Copper Mining Company was able to hijack the truth. The truth as I define it here, is the whole truth. Not convenient truths, or partial truths- but the whole, unvarnished truth. A good example of that occurred when miners died in the pit while working for the Company- their obituaries would often appear without a cause of death in the local newspapers. The Company was also very good at keeping miners unions at bay by never reporting on or writing anything inflammatory with respect to the Company's positions. Politicians were well aware of the statewide clout of the Anaconda Company's media empire. They could make or break a political career- often the politicians simply jumped in bed with the Company rather than confront them on wages, safety concerns, pollutants, or remediation. It is hard to resist an entity that holds all of the cards.

Traditionally, I think that many Americans believe that the press has some "watchdog or vigilant" function. This was never really true nor does the media have some honor code where they must investigate and deliver the whole truth. All they really want to do is turn a profit by generating the maximum amount of views which in turn will allow them to demand higher advertising pricing. They don't care about investigative journalism and even if they did- it would often not serve elite interests by finding the truth or reporting it. Instead they focus on some bimbo's dress at the Oscars. This type of story generates millions of hits and it fully exposes us for the superficial and unintelligent voyeurs that we truly are.

America is in the hands of the aristocracy, the oligarchy. The 1%. The oligarchy owns and controls corporate America, the media, the politicians. They have complete capture. You want absolute proof? The tax code. The tax code benefits the aristocracy. It is corporate welfare. Congress could change the tax structure in one day to a flat tax with no deductions- a system far simpler and much more fair to everyone. It will never happen. The rich would get fiscally slaughtered. The aristocracy worked very hard to buy the very best politicians and thus, the very best tax code. There are people out here who still cannot understand or accept the fact that politicians represent 1% of our population rather than the vast majority of us- despite mountains of evidence.

Think about the banker bailout, the trillions we lost. Who advanced that agenda? The oligarchy did by convincing all of us that the world would come to an end. How did they advance that agenda? With the media. Who benefitted? The aristocracy of course.

The current day aristocracy owns the media just like the Anaconda Company owned Montana media 60 years ago. Virtually everything you hear, read, or see is generated by one of these 6 companies.

They have a purpose, a business plan. It is simple. To enrich themselves and their fellow members of the oligarchy by advancing any agenda which gains more power and wealth. Politicians are part of the oligarchy. Which brings me back to Norma Brown's piece, a quote from her, and the big finish.

You will probably have noticed that, unlike the BBC, neither the USG nor the US media refer to the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons asalleged, but instead follow Vladimir Lenin’s maxim that if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth. Hence you will hear from every side that “Assad’s brutal use of chemical weapons against small children and old ladies” demands a military response. Well of course, if your objective is to get an excuse for bombing the hell out of Syria, you’re not going to admit that your claim is only an unproven allegation and not even a very convincing allegation at that. I’m going to give Meat-Head Hagel a break here and make an assumption of my own: he’s being fed the same disinformation from the same agencies as John Kerry (my face! my face! I can’t feel my face!). Neither of them has the native intelligence to sniff out cooked intel.

The oligarchy wants war. It is good for business. Corporate America sells armament, tanks, planes, munitions. War expands power and creates wealth for the aristocracy. Big oil likes war, bankers like war, media likes war, even soldiers like war. Politicians can bully people, award contracts to cronies, and get additional financial support from the oligarchy which for all practical purposes, are their real employers.  If we get rid of Assad, Qatar can finally build that giant natural gas pipeline through Syria and make Qatar's allies and business partners happy.

On Tuesday, President Five Iron is going to take time out from his busy golfing schedule to try and sell the 60 day war on television (with an option for 30 more days) using the media. We may have reached the absolute zenith of arrogance when we presume that we can control the amount of time and the outcome of any war.

Today with time running short and lives on the line, President Five Iron went golfing again.

Byron York @ByronYork

Facing sternest test of his presidency, struggling to persuade Congress to OK military intervention in Syria, President Obama...plays golf!

The 90 day, same as cash war. Financed by treasury bonds which we are hoping to sell to our enemies who are Syria's allies. Countries like Russia and China. What could possibly go wrong with that plan?


Jim at Asylum Watch said...

Well done, Brian. Tomorrow I will be quoting you and another Norma Brown essay. I am going to tell my readers or those that are still hoping the Republicans can turn this country around that if the House Republicans do not vote to stop Obama's war in Syria and if they do not vote to defund ObamaCare, it is time to throw every Republican that voted the wrong way out of office because they can be no more doubt that we already have a one party system in America. I will opt for a quick death over a slow agonizing death every time.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the mainstream media. A bunch of corporate whores and sellouts, trying to brainwash the people, just like the politicians. I haven't purchased a newspaper for so long I can't remember, and on the rare occasion I do, it's either to wrap fish or see what kind of crap they're trying to ram down our throats (and then use it to wrap fish).

Anonymous said...

The truth about our "leaders" and their murderous intentions. Control the population with fear.

Anonymous said...

Fear and violence (or the threat of violence) are the bricks and mortar which make up our society, although the following quote by Frederic Bastiat says it pretty well, also: When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.