Wednesday, December 5, 2012

From the Land of Harry Reid

Most of my trip to Reno yesterday was uneventful- except for a potential collision and near death experience I had on the "on" ramp at Winnemucca.  Unlike normally engineered ramps, there are a few ramps in Nevada that simply dump you onto the interstate and right into the slow lane. Yesterday while I was merging on the Winnemucca ramp, a trucker with his head up his ass and no traffic in the neighboring lane, decided not to let me in which sent me down the shoulder for about an eighth of a mile.

I very rarely flip these assholes off anymore- choosing instead to suffer alone in my car while dodging debris on the shoulder- muttering things I learned in Butte as a child. This incident was uniquely special and as such, I offered a friendly "wave." There was a road sign a few miles down the road that implored drivers not to drive aggressively around trucks. No kidding.

So as I rolled into Reno, I noted that the place looks like a ghost town. There is a very significant number of "down and out" types in this city and those folks seem to be growing in number. The casino was practically vacant and the sportsbook closed at 6 PM. 

I stay at the Silver Legacy. They even closed their poker room. 

I come here once or twice a year. Honestly, I don't know how this town survives. Without Californians on the weekend- they simply wouldn't. When you see places like Reno and then hear politicians and economists telling you how the economy is improving...inherently you know somebody is full of shit. I always believe my eyes, I'm weird that way.

I note that Citibank today- in the midst of this great recovery we are having- is laying off 11 thousand workers. I can't wait to see the job reports this week.

Today, I am headed about halfway to Tonopah and back while playing, "dodge the big rig." Hopefully, I can make it back here in one piece.

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Anonymous said...

Next time some dork nearly wipes you out on the road, rather than offering him a one finger salute, maybe you should hold up a large crucifix while wearing a clerical collar (just to mess with his mind). Safe driving, Brian. There are a lot of idiots out there.