Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why Would Anyone Care About the Political Leans or Motivation of a Mentally Ill Killer?

Last night and today, I have been reading news stories about the political philosophy of that Norwegian guy who thought bombing people and shooting kids at random was a good idea. Anders Breivik. I will refer to him as A.B. because his name does not bear repeating.

A.B. does not interest me. He is like Lady Gaga. What he did and what he thinks makes no sense. Dissecting his thought processes will not offer any remarkable insight. He is not fascinating. He is ill.  I am already tired of reading about him.

Anti-Islamic? WTF? Did he go to some mosque and whack people? What connection are they trying to make here? I am surprised that the media hasn't said he is a Sarah Palin supporter. The media likes guys like A.B. They steal the spotlight from moonbat legislators like Oregon's Wu who has sex with 18 year old girls, 40 years younger, and claims it was consensual. Like that makes it right. By the way, she claims it wasn't consensual. Will Wu get prosecuted? We'll see. Our two tiered justice system won't be in effect once Wu resigns.

Let me summarize A.B. He is another extremely mentally ill individual. Any thought processes he might have had were derived with a mentally ill mind. Nobody sees these things coming because people like A.B. are very lonely and isolated. Nobody socializes with them because they are too difficult to be around. Eventually depression and isolation manifest themselves as anger and they snap. Whether that is Timothy McVeigh, the Arizona kid, the Va Tech kid, or A.B. They are all seriously mentally ill. There really is no defense against these types of folks- well unless you want to turn your life into an armed occupation complete with bodyguards for your kids at summer camp.

I spent 25 years working with the mentally ill. I cannot tell you that I prevented one suicide or homicide. I like to think that I did. I have great compassion for these people. They are extremely isolated and their lives are miserable. I also have great acceptance. They dwell among us. So it is, I have a gun or two just in case I should cross paths with one. A.B. is what he is- not what the media circus or the investigators want to make of him. Just this year's version of a mentally ill (that is an absolute fact) person that snaps. Who he likes, what religion he is, or any of that other worthless information that the media generates is simply not relevant or useful.

Actually, I think old legislators like Oregon's Wu who purport to be sane but have sexual encounters with 18 year olds are far more fascinating. And they don't have an excuse for what they do.

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Anonymous said...

I almost didn't read your post. Everywhere in my blog rounds where they were talking about this nut job, I just moved along. No interest! I read your post only because I was surprised that you would be interested enough to write about him. I'm glad I did because what you say is exactly right. It is a waste of time trying to understand why nut jobs do what they do. Period. the world is coming to an end. That is more than enough for me to worry about.