Saturday, July 30, 2011

Delusional Thinking

I just had to pinch this. This is Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. Read this...

‘On the Brink’

Senator Lisa Murkowski, an Alaska Republican, said “absolutist” lawmakers aligned with the Tea Party have put the U.S. “on the brink.”
“I am really worried about where we are standing, and I think part of that has come about because you have individuals that say, ‘It is my way or the highway,’” Murkowski said in an interview at Bloomberg’s Washington office. “That is not how you govern.”

Absolutist lawmakers have put us on the brink? What about all of those assholes, including this idiot in the White House? Did they have anything to do with spending us into oblivion?
Apparently Ms. Murkowski thinks that people who disagree with her are not entitled to that opinion. Rather, she declares in her last sentence, that she knows how to govern and that's not how you do it. You are only entitled to her way of thinking which she has deemed is "correct."

This is the mind set of your "leaders" in government. They are all ego invested in their opinions, not the issue. If they were ego invested in the issue- the gargantuan debt-  the cut, cap, and balance bill would have passed two weeks ago.

That this line of thinking comes from an alleged Republican does not surprise me.


davecydell said...

Isn't Lisa the write in Queen of Alaska. Didn't matter how you spelled her name. (With that, all one has to write in is The Big O, come 2012)

Read something on ZH the other day that got me thinking: If you can borrow a Trillion at 6% for ten years, that is 60 Billion. (Forget about the principle, you plan on rolling it) But if the Fed can drive TY rates to 3%, walla, two trillion for the price of one.
Get it down to 2% and the Them of A has another Trillion.

You wrote the other day (not unique words but so dead on ) :
"Unfortunately, we are out of time."
That is the answer to the question few ask: Why the Debt Ceiling this time, have not we raised it like 93 times before.

Yep, but, Unfortunately, we are out of time.

Brian said...

True dat. Thinking Murkowski has been the only successful write in candidate- in like 100 years.

Bizarre. She is realy a RINO or closet kleptocrat like Olympia Snowe. They probably shop together.