Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Not Only Do We Not Enforce Laws Against Illegal Aliens, We Reward Them With Scholarships

Governor Brown and the Moonbats have passed the "Dream Act." Out of work illegal aliens can now go to school and remain unemployed. Or compete for work with unemployed Americans after they get their degree. http://news.yahoo.com/california-dream-act-approved-illegal-immigrants-013617230.html

So if you managed to avoid capture during the three years you were going to high school here illegally...three years of using citizen paid for teachers and infrastructure...we are going to reward you for your ingenuity and resolve and give you more free bonus schooling! Maybe then you can go back to your country and use your free American education to help the motherland.

You cannot dream up...the dream act. California might be the most math challenged bunch of fiscal "progressives" ever to inhabit one place at one time. Perhaps they should call this the nightmare act. The state can't balance the books, pay its bills, but apparently it has enough money to educate the world's needy. To subject it's legal taxpaying citizens to a little illegal alien competition.  I read stories like this and I picture this giant economic tsunami. The sooner the better perhaps. The flood of people leaving California continues. I see the refugee license plates all over town.

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