Thursday, July 28, 2011

How Three Idiots Were Able to Destroy the United States Way of Life

It's pretty hard to find three completely inept men and manage to elect all of them. In a row. Life is like that sometimes. So it is that Bill Clinton, George Bush II, and Barack Obama became Presidents. These three men, and the legislative bodies they worked with, have essentially ruined our way of life. I think history will give them the appropriate credit a few decades from now. There ain't gonna be any Mt. Rushmore for these guys.

1992-2000 NAFTA and the THEFT of Social Security

Aside from being a cheat and a liar, Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law. That opened the door and allowed millions upon millions of jobs to leave our country. Without jobs, there can be no taxes- no capacity to service debt or spread the tax burden across wide strata. It has been estimated that we have lost over 30 million jobs since NAFTA became law. Clinton did one other thing that would help spell economic death to the United States. He raided Social Security and left a big ass IOU behind. That is true. He stole Social Security. I have a friend who says this about people like Clinton. If you will lie, then you will cheat- if you will cheat then you will steal. That pretty much sums up our 42nd President.

2000-2008 The RISE of the Ruling Class, The Golden Age of Crony Capitalism

George Bush II had every opportunity to repair the damage that Bill Clinton had caused. Rather than address critical issues like the future bankruptcy of Social Security, Bush ignored it. Bush apparently could not read a budget or a balance sheet. I will forever remember Bush for two things. He along with Clinton, refused to enforce any immigration statutes. This allowed illegal aliens to flourish and provided an incredibly cheap work force for the crony capitalists who needed cheap labor. American taxpayers bore that burden. Bush cut tax rates to the bone for wealthy Americans. Capping tax rates at a time when any fool could have seen we were headed for bankruptcy was beyond irresponsible. It was reprehensible. Bush, like his predecessor, did what was politically expedient. In the end, Bush was stealing taxpayer money and delivering it to bankers via the Hank Paulson conduit. It reminded me of one of those banana republic foreign dictators, who when they get deposed, steal all the money and leave town.

2008-2012 Obamacare, Socialism, and the Last of the Three Stooges

Of the three, I hold Obama least responsible. Why? Quite frankly, he is simply inexperienced and has an agenda. He inherited an economic disaster and either failed to see it or refused to address it. Probably the latter. Refusing to prosecute thousands of crooked bankers told us who's payroll he is on. The Obama agenda, socialism, could not have come at a worse time. A completely bankrupt country, no jobs, no social security, spiraling debt, a completely destroyed tax base, and there was Mr. Obama working hard to destroy what was left of the country. To call his actions bizarre,  is an understatement. I'm not sure you could screw up any worse if you actually tried to.

These three men are graduates of Harvard, Yale, and Harvard. Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar. How could that be? How could three well schooled people be so inept?

We have an idea in this country that Ivy League credentials equal or guarantee success. That these people represent the best and the brightest. They are neither. We forget that human values, such as courage, honesty, and leadership are not things taught in a classroom. They are primary skills. You either possess them at the time they are needed or you don't. Acquiring them, at some point beyond that moment when they are useful, does not do us any good. That these three men lacked any kind of long term vision, courage, or honesty is apparent. They did what was selfish and politically expedient for their careers rather than what was good for the long term health of our country.

Twenty years of failed leadership. Three different agendas that would have a dramatic and negative effect. That is how three stooges were able to destroy the economic health of the greatest Republic ever conceived. I hope history gives them the credit they deserve. I think it will.


Anonymous said...

Can't help but notice that all three are Baby Boomers...Just sayin'!

Anonymous said...

Los Tres Chiflados

I would add to Bush the terrible Patriot Act, which continues to erode our liberties more every day. You call them crony capitalist. I prefer to call them crony socialist. Cronyism goes back at least to FDR and maybe much earlier.

Anonymous said...


Socialism goes at least back to Teddy, FDR's cousin, I believe!