Monday, July 25, 2011

The Rise of the Ruling Class

I had a profound weekend. Late Friday, I read this article. It summed up everything I have ever felt and redirected my thinking. I am going to post the link here. This is one of the best essays I have read ...albeit a little long.

For years, I have associated with members of the ruling class. They are some of the most inherently arrogant bastards I have ever met. The ruling class doesn't just think it's better than adamantly believes it. That belief system strikes at the very core of the problem. The ruling class is in power. They have fucked up this country and they are not going to go away easily.

In Moonbat Valley, I could never understand why all of these rich people claimed to be democrats. This was 30 years ago...just as Reagan was busting unions. What I was witnessing was the rise of the ruling class. These were rich folks who went to Ivy League schools or at worst, liberal state schools. This is where the ruling class received their indoctrination. In short it went like this. You are special and you are rich. The established old white guard that runs this country is ruining it. And so Moonbat valley became infested with like minded members of the ruling class from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle. These are people who adamantly believe they know what is best for you (and most certainly for them) and they use government to impose that will on you. If that is bicycle helmet laws in Seattle, gay marriage in San Francisco, or looking the other way when it comes to immigration laws in L.A., the ruling class does whatever the fuck it feels like.

Including rigging tax laws to screw the middle class and keep their money.

What we are really talking about is something far larger than Republicans and Democrats. What I realized over the weekend, largely as a result of reading that piece, was that our country was in the midst once again of the age old problem of class warfare. Class warfare has never gone away. We have never solved it, never cured it. I have seen people emphatically resist any talk of it- as though by not talking about class warfare or acknowledging it's existence- it would cease to be reality. Perhaps they think, we could just sweep it under the rug and it will go away. Don't laugh. There will be people reading this who will be bothered by the mere suggestion that class warfare exists.

Even though the king of the ruling class, Warren Buffet, states boldly that the elites waged war on the middle class and that his side "won." Surely, no other statement could have made my point any better than that one. That Warren Buffet pays less taxes as a percentage of his income (16%) than I do...absolutely frosts my ass. Proof positive that the ruling class has run this country into the ground. Now these near sighted bastards are wrestling with a problem that they alone are responsible for. The greedy SOB's have economically ruined America.

Here's the best part. The ruling class killed their golden goose. The death of that goose occurred in late 2008 when members of the ruling class, Hank Paulson and Barack Obama, stole the last two trillion dollars we had available (arguably) and delivered it to other members of the ruling class. At that point, economic collapse was a foregone conclusion and still is. All that is being decided now is who is going to get left holding the official "we killed the U.S. way of life" bag. Will it be Obama or another member of the ruling class in 2012?

Until then, we will have more theater out of Washington as the kleptocrats/ruling class try to decide what to do next. It matters not. They cannot pay this debt. Default is just a matter of when. After the rise, comes the fall. Look out below, ruling class.

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