Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An Inside Look at the Life of a Big Time Blogger

Not one person has ever shown even the slightest interest in what it's like to be a big international blogger. I figure that must be an oversight or people are simply afraid that I am too busy to answer their probing questions. So in a state of complete social unconsciousness, let me use just a few moments of your life. You will not get them back.

Each day I get up very early... usually around 1030 or so... depending on when the crack addicts next door start looking for a fix and milling about my back yard.  I put my Beretta .40 back in it's holster and I go make some coffee. I return to my blogging laboratory dressed in my undies. I scan 4 or 5 news services, see the usual shit, and then I start humming that Cher tune from the movie Groundhog Day. I have over 60 blogs on my blogroll. You only get on my blogroll if I find you interesting or you are a lunatic like Kenny aka Wire Cutter at Knuckledraggin My Life Away...

Being on my blogroll means I am going to read you every day. That's commitment. Every once in awhile, I steal someone's material.

I am a retired cop who can't stand government. My father says there is no such thing as government "work." He says it's like military intelligence. It doesn't exist. It took me 50 years to admit he was right.

My mother likes Sarah Palin. I don't mind Sarah. I just think Ron Paul has the best resume and he is needed NOW. In fact, if we don't elect Paul- I think we are screwed. He is the only member of Congress that knows the real history of the FED and I think as President...Paul might try to shut them down. That would be the single greatest thing to happen to this country in 100 years.  

I am a Libertarian which means I hate all of these worthless laws that the Moonbats keep imposing on us. Obama was the greatest thing that ever happened to the Libertarians. He is such a complete fuck up that even his own party will abandon him. Winning Charlie. Maybe we can get our country back from the ruling class if they haven't completely destroyed it by the Inauguration, 2013.

You just know Jimmy Carter loves Obama. Obama got him off the worst President ever schnide. Proof positive that it doesn't matter how stupid and ineffective you are...there is always a bigger moron than yourself. Jimmy was always far more useful than Barack. He builds homes for humanity. Jimmy has a sense of purpose and some real life skills. No one ever built a house reading from a teleprompter.

Some days I write incredibly (and what should be award winning) insightful essays. Other days, I just steal shit from other people. I am amazed at how little people know. They don't know anything about the history of this country. The Constitution. They don't know anything about politics or the criminals we elect. But they know who Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga are and a whole host of other absolutely useless information. People today are enamored with superficiality, material goods, booze and drugs, money, ipods, and other selfish interests. They don't care about other people. And at least for most Moonbats...they think God is a myth. This is a class of people that wants to abort babies but wants a law that forces everyone else to recycle newspaper. Or outlaw Happy Meals because the Moonbat children are too fat. It is certainly not too difficult to see why this country is circling the drain.

I have a friend who hates Moonbats. Without abortion he claims, there would be 50 million more of them. He always sees the glass as half full. I hate those happy types. Always looking at the bright side of things.

Every once in awhile, some nasty little troll pops up in here. I don't have the patience for the back and forth nastiness that trolls bring. In my start up days, I had no editorial control over trolls. Here I do. I delete them with no more thought than I give to swatting flies. Eventually they all wind up at the mothership, Huffington Post.

Well, it's late. I gotta be up early, around 1030 tomorrow. I got you babe....


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I have often wanted to ask, but I didn't want to wake you and I am always plastered by 10:30.

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