Friday, July 29, 2011

The Economic End Is Here

Raising the debt limit. Wow. These bastards are truly mathematical idiots.

Unable to force the kleptocrats into signing the cut, cap, and balance bill- has left John Boehner and the rest of the Republicans reeling trying to put together inferior and ineffective legislation.

Kleptocrat Harry Reid's plan is a total piece of shit. It actually raises the debt ceiling 2.7 trillion while only cutting 2.2 trillion. Half of the alleged "cuts" are simply derived by exiting wars. So this is not actually cutting the budget- it is increasing it. The kleptocrat style of governance. Lie to us and tax us.

Reid's plan cannot pass. It does nothing and it sucks. How did that man rig that Nv. election? Unions.

Music to read by. Seems very appropriate.

The GDP number fell off a cliff this morning. Other economic numbers have been terrible. I think even Obama, dense bastard that he is, is starting to realize he is screwed. There is no way this country will tolerate this prick for another 4 years. It would be ruinous. In fact, I think there is an excellent chance that Obama will have to step in and raise the debt ceiling on his own. That should be the final straw. Up until now, I think he was hoping to lay the responsibility and thus the blame somewhere else. 

I have no sympathy for Obama. None. His ineffective leadership and his complete lack of ethical and moral courage has left our country in tatters. There will not be a sliver of hope until we can rid ourselves of Obama and the kleptocrats. Unfortunately, we are out of time.

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